TA on weekends

Friday opened with a gap down. And closed with growth. What is this? This is our old friend whiplash.

As you know, viplash is charged at closing prices. And I already wanted to do it before the closing of the Eurosession. But didn't. And then I was already a little upset to enter higher.

Максимум (minimum) about 1.355 if we go lower on monday — then viplash does not work. But if we go there, I will look for an opportunity to tarry (:

The day also drew a reversal candle — made a new low, but closed above the previous day's open.

Total: my pictures for the beginning of the end. well, I mean, it's time to adjust. I look at the buy. I think how to enter in a small volume and hold it longer (с недельку). I never did this. Even on demos. And then there is a chance.

  DOE oil
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