The trading volume on the St. Petersburg Exchange fell by 77%, the number of active accounts - by a third

Объем торгов на «СПб-бирже» в марте упал на 77%, количество активных счетов — на треть

SPb-Exchange summed up the disappointing results of trading in March 2022.

Key Findings

In March, the volume of trading in foreign securities on the stock exchange amounted to $5.9 billion. It's on 77% less, than in February 2022 - 25.6 billion, and 85% less, than in March 2021 - 39.2 billion.

The average daily trading volume in securities compared to the previous month also fell by 77%, with 1,3 up to 0.3 billion dollars. The number of transactions in the main trading mode decreased by 60%, from 20.1 to 8.1 million.

The number of active accounts decreased by 36%, from 856 thousand in February to 549 thousand in March. And the number of accounts with positions in securities decreased compared to February by 1,4%, up to 1.7 million.

The total number of registered accounts increased to 22.2 million. This is 7% more, than a month ago. The number of unique customers increased by 5%, up to 14.5 million.

The volume of trading on the exchange decreased for various reasons. For example, the exchange did not allow stocks listed in London and some papers like Yandex and Ozon listed in the US to trade. The exchange also reduced the time of the trading session.

Even after adjusting for these restrictions, the trading results for March can hardly be called satisfactory.. In March, the platform worked all days, while the volume of trading fell by 77%. For comparison: shares were traded on the Moscow Exchange for only six days and the volume of trading fell a little more - by 83%.

Another significant reduction in the average daily volume and the number of active accounts. Probably, high return on investment, growth of the dollar against the ruble, the commission for buying currency on the exchange and the general instability caused private investors to trade less in foreign shares.

All these risks, namely, the slowdown in the growth rates of the main indicators, investors put in the price of shares of "SPb-exchange". With 22 February, they fell by almost 40%, to 390 R. Currently IPO - almost on 60%.

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