About the aching one

Plan work and work according to plan. Знакомо? With the second part, I have specific troubles.

I have a feature. When I am slept and rested — it is adequate. Through 8-12 there is nothing to take from me anymore. This is already statistics. My best trades happened exactly «in the first hours of adequate». The analysis of a large TF on weekends is also the most correct one..

My child wakes up in 8 morning, I can't get enough sleep anymore. It was like that yesterday. Waking up to work. Here are the brief conclusions drawn in adequate:

First: «I see only a stretch of whiplash and not key reversal down. Now I would like to touch something from the bottom and continue the flight. But seven hours won't be enough. In short, it's not clear, but look down. I don’t know what to do yet.»

And two hours later: «Whiplash works. Bottom level touched. Go down. All short, don't forget about the feet (:»

In this moment (yesterday's screenshot just before the start of the euro session) I really wanted to open my accounts.

But I didn't do it because of the competition, to whom I wanted to pay all my attention. If something went wrong I would have to switch back and forth, steam up, etc.. What could be worse…

Then the Eurosession began, which dived under the low., I couldn't get out of it. Obviously, that support became resistance.


The opening of the states just added drive to the obvious situation..

By this time, the adekvat is gone. Contrary to my own recommendations, on the contest account, I opened a long for everything, without feet. Furthermore, I wrote in advance how to behave in the competition. That from the breakdown test you need to pour in to the fullest and keep until the last. Did none of this. This is the diagnosis. Complete inadequate. I even understood it. And even made a shortcut on Finam's account. But having estimated its inadequacy, closed the position out of harm's way.

  TGA: new record in swing trade

I wrote that I would go to sleep, but I could not sleep. Picked up my scripts and watched the margin call my contest pose.

Meanwhile, goals described 21 января считаю отработанными.

Since then have flown about 550 points, of which I took about 10.

Одни растройства ):

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