Confessions of an economic killer. John Perkins. Summary of the book

Исповедь экономического убийцы. Джон Перкинс. Краткое изложение книги Исповедь экономического убийцы. Джон Перкинс. Краткое изложение книги 1

"Confessions of an economic killer" (English. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man) - semi-biographical book by John Perkins, published in 2004 year. The book focuses on Perkins' activities as an employee of the electrical company Chas. T. Main from Boston. Perkins recalled while working for Chas. T. Main, its main task was to convince representatives of developing countries of the need to attract loans for the development of infrastructure projects (conducive, among other things, improving the welfare of the local elite) as performers of which, as a rule, American companies were considered. Loans attracted for the implementation of infrastructure projects, according to the author, provided the United States with political influence over the recipient country, and opened access to sources of minerals for American companies.

In his book, the author calls this approach "economic murder" and, despite, that throughout his career, John Perkins worked for private companies, representing, in the author's opinion, rather the focus of corporocracy and greed, rather than a conspiracy implementation system, he claims, that before coming to Chas. T. Main he was interviewed by the National Security Agency. According to the author, the pre-employment interview was conducted as an "independent procedure", culminating in the hiring of John Perkins as an economic advisor to the vice president of Chas. T. Main - Einar Griv (English. Einar Greve), having, according to the author, links with the National Security Agency.


Confessions of an Economic Murderer severely criticizes United States foreign policy and challenges the idea of, that “economic growth leads to an increase in the well-being of the population, and the greater the value of economic growth, the more benefits are received by the general population ". According to the author, the main profits from projects are received by a small circle of dealers, and in support of his point of view gives examples of economic inequality, arising from the use of cheap labor by American companies, and environmental issues, resulting from the exploitation of natural resources.

In his book, Perkins describes the system of "corporation and greed", which, according to the author, is the main driving force in the establishment of the power of the United States on a global scale, and in which John Perkins personally served as an "economic assassin". According to the author from him, as from a Chas employee. T. Main needed to convince leaders in the political and financial sphere of developing countries of the need to attract huge loans for the implementation of various projects from such institutions., as the World Bank and the United States Agency for International Development. In its turn, developing countries, not being able to pay overwhelming debts, were forced to follow the lead of the United States on a wide range of issues, which in turn, according to the author, led to the political neutralization of the local elite and the growth of economic inequality. In support of his words, Perkins quotes conversations with various influential personalities., such as Graham Greene and Omar Torrijos:

The Economic Killer - Highly Paid Professionals, who are hired to defraud entire countries for billions of dollars. These mercenaries are busy with, that pump huge sums from the World Bank, US Agency for International Development and international funds "aid" in the pockets of large corporations and a limited circle of wealthy families, controlling the planet's natural resources. The arsenal of "economic killers" is quite rich and includes fake financial statements, rigging elections, bribes, extortion, sexual practices and murder. Economic killers are playing their game, as old as the world, but which, thanks to the expansion of globalization, has already assumed "appalling proportions".

Key Ideas

  • According to Perkins, economic killers are professionals, who bring the economies of their chosen countries to bankruptcy.
  • They are supported by the US government.
  • If they don't make it, the CIA steps in, not disdaining by any methods up to political assassinations.
  • Perkins was recruited by the U.S. National Security Agency.
  • Due to the actions of economic killers, countries are bogged down in debt and completely dependent on the creditor countries.
  • To gain credibility with an influential Saudi official, Perkins sent pretty blondes to him.
  • The activities of economic killers have repeatedly provoked massive social protests and even revolutions.
  • Иран­ская ре­волю­ция по­каза­ла, that the US authorities deceived their people.
  • Ultimately, Perkins decided to quit his career as an economic hitman., and this book became his confession.
  • To make a difference, do not be afraid to demonstrate your civic position and participate in a collective struggle

American Democracy Fighting Squad

Highly paid economic hitmen are on official US delegations to all bilateral international meetings. These people, disguised as economists, have sophisticated methods of bringing various organizations around the world to financial bankruptcy. Нап­ри­мер, they prepare financial calculations for expensive projects in third world countries, which will clearly not be affordable for their governments. За­тем, guided by their optimistic economic forecasts, World Bank and other financial institutions provide loans to developing countries. Economic killers are ready for anything, что­бы до­бить­ся сво­их це­лей. If they don't manage, even more mysterious people from the CIA are involved, whose weapons are bloody political coups and "accidents". But sometimes even the CRU fails, and then the US government sends American soldiers into the thick of it, as it happened in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Peace Corps killer

John Perkins spent his childhood in New Hampshire, having received a rather strict education there. After attending Middlebury College, he graduated from Boston University and joined the Peace Corps, to avoid a call to arms in Vietnam. At one time, Perkins dreamed of a career in intelligence and even went through several interviews with employees of the US National Security Agency.. He feared, that relatives would not approve of his decision to travel to distant Ecuador as part of a Peace Corps mission. Од­на­ко дя­дя под­держал ини­ци­ати­ву Джо­на, ска­зав: “We need good agents there - people, who would understand the natives ". Service in the Peace Corps proved to be an excellent preparation for Perkins for the subsequent role of economic hitman., although he himself at that time had no idea of ​​anything like that.

In january 1971 his Ecuadorian business trip ended, and Perkins became an economist at the consulting firm Chas. T. Main. Commissioned by the World Bank, this company was exploring the possibility of issuing multibillion-dollar loans to Ecuador and several neighboring countries.. Од­нажды вско­ре пос­ле то­го, how Perkins got started, a cute green-eyed brunette approached him, introducing himself as Claudine Martin. She held the position of a consultant on special issues. Кло­дин со­об­щи­ла, that from now on her task is to make Perkins an economic hitman. “We are people of a very rare profession, and our work is quite dirty, she said. - Nobody should know about, what are you doing, да­же ва­ша же­на”.

Поз­же вы­яс­ни­лось, that as an economic hitman, Perkins had to act in two directions. Во-первых, he had to come up with justifications for issuing huge loans for large engineering and construction projects, which brought profits to his employer and some other American companies. In the second, he had to organize the bankruptcy of countries, по­лучав­ших кре­диты. Being dependent on creditors, these countries will be forced to blindly comply with their demands, whether it is providing access to oil or building military bases. "We are being paid for it, – го­вори­ла Кло­дин, - so that we deceive one country, then another… billions of dollars. One of our main tasks is to convince world leaders of the need to help advance US economic interests. ".

Economic poker game

USAID or Asian Development Bank assigns consulting firms like Chas. T. Main изу­чить си­ту­ацию в глав­ных го­родах ре­ги­она, to whom it is planned to provide a financial grant. When Perkins came to Indonesia for this purpose, officials from Jakarta and Bandung received him with tense politeness from poker partners. Од­на­ко прос­тые лю­ди, with whom he spoke, were much more frank and spoke to him bluntly, that the West is led by greedy, America, indifferent to the needs of other countries, simply seeks to exploit them.

Gradually, Perkins began to doubt the justification of the goals., which Claudine spoke of. Back in Boston, he found out, that Claudine disappeared without a trace - perhaps, she was assigned a new task. And Perkins was promoted only for that, that his forecasts of economic growth for Indonesia were very optimistic - just such, as his employers wanted. Over the next few months, he held a series of meetings in Tehran., Ка­рака­се, Гва­тема­ле, Лон­до­не, Vienna and Washington. Although Perkins often had the opportunity to communicate with such famous people, like the Iranian Shah and Robert McNamara, thought about, that he is an economic killer, he didn't like. Пер­кинс пред­по­читал на­зывать се­бя глав­ным эко­номис­том.

Iran: свер­же­ние ша­ха

IN 1978 Perkins was on a business trip to Tehran. Од­нажды ве­чером, when he was sitting in the hotel lobby, someone patted him on the shoulder. Обер­нувшись, he saw Farhad, his old college buddy - a man, probably connected with the Iranian special services. “Everything here is bursting at the seams, те­бе нуж­но сроч­но уле­тать”, - said Farhad and handed him a ticket for the next flight from the country.


The seeds of the Iranian revolution were sown in the 1950s, when the United States overthrew the predecessor Shah. Resistance to the new shah was led by Iran's religious leader Ayatollah Khomeini. In january 1979 the year the shah had to flee to Egypt. In November of the same year, a crowd of Islamists seized the American embassy in Tehran - 52 a US citizen was held hostage for a year and a half. The fall of the Shah clearly demonstrated, that America blatantly lied to Americans about its true role on the world stage. The massive outbreak of hatred for the Shah was a complete surprise for the Americans. The ANB and the CRU must have seen signs of an impending revolution, however, this information never reached American voters.

Ад­ми­нис­тра­ция пре­зиден­та Кар­те­ра пред­при­няла по­пыт­ку ос­во­бодить за­лож­ни­ков си­лой, but this attempt failed miserably. The following November, Americans voted against Carter., who considered his main task to maintain peace in the world. He was replaced by Ronald Reagan, who chose to maintain US global dominance with military force.

Са­удов­ская Ара­вия: chasing oil and money

Thanks to the oil embargo, Saudi Arabia has acquired the status of one of the largest players on the world stage. Perkins was tasked with assessing the prospects of investing the wealth of this country in large infrastructure projects.. Ра­зуме­ет­ся, American contractors should have won. Perkins' challenge was, so that as many Saudi petrodollars as possible settle in American pockets. To accomplish this task, Perkins had to convince a senior Saudi official that, that the plan to launder Saudi money was beneficial to his kingdom. This man, in turn, made Perkins understand, that during his trips to Boston he would like to enjoy the company of pretty blondes. Perkins fulfilled this wish, and as a result, the Saudi official agreed with his proposal.

From bad to worse

Eventually, Perkins grew tired of constant treachery. “For ten whole years, he says, - I felt like a follower of slavers, who invaded the African jungle and dragged the unfortunate natives on slave ships ”. False economic forecasts brought Perkins a good profit, but over time, he got sick of such a life, And 1 ап­ре­ля 1980 years he retired. For several years he has been providing services to energy companies, helping to prepare a business case for the construction of new power plants. Winifred Grant became his wife, эко­лог-про­ек­тант. Джес­си­ка, their first child, ро­дилась 17 May 1982 го­да. A few months later, Perkins founded Independent Power Systems. (IPS), which was engaged in the design of environmentally friendly power plants. In the 1980s and 1990s, working as an energy consultant, Perkins supported the old connection with the World Bank, USAID and IMF while monitoring the activities of economic killers around the world - especially in Iraq.


Reagan and Bush Sr. tried to rein in Saddam Hussein by the same means, as Saudi officials, that is, with the help of money and debt. The economic killers cared the least about the fact, that Hussein was a bloody tyrant. “We willingly sold Saddam tanks and fighters, – го­ворит Пер­кинс, - we built chemical plants and nuclear power plants for him, even though, that these technologies could be used for military purposes ". Iraq had oil, water reserves and strategic location. But the main thing, по­жалуй, was that, that this country had a huge potential for investment, what could not but please the economic hitmen.

In august 1990 го­да Ху­сейн со­вер­шил боль­шую ошиб­ку, invading neighboring Kuwait. Expelling Iraqis from Kuwait, Bush has noticeably strengthened his political rating. November 1990 Years Perkins profitably sold IPS, tired of the need to listen to the wishes of transnational corporations - a powerful force, which he called "corporatocracy". In particular, IPS Ashытывала давление со Ashы Ashland Oil Company. Selling his company to this oil company, за­нимав­шу­юся про­из­водс­твом эко­логи­чес­ки чис­той энер­гии, Пер­кинс по­чувс­тво­вал се­бя нас­то­ящим пре­дате­лем.

In the 1990s, Perkins became involved in charity. Он ос­но­вал не­ком­мерчес­кую ком­па­нию Dream Change Coalition, which promoted respect for the environment. From time to time, Perkins embraced a desire to write a book about the activities of economic killers, but instead he accompanied tourists into the Amazon jungle and showed them the tribes, not touched by modern civilization. However, his whole life changed dramatically 11 сен­тября 2001 го­да.

On September 10, Perkins led a group of American tourists rafting down one of the rivers of Ecuador.. The next morning, he contacted the pilots by radio., intending to negotiate with them, so that they arrive and take the group. Suddenly there was a scream in the headphones: “My god! Attack on New York!"Perkins urgently returned to his homeland and immediately went to the scene of the attack. Looking at the smoking ruins, remaining from the World Trade Center, he thought about bin Laden, The U.S. government has provided millions of dollars in weapons and ammunition.. Already about to leave, he saw a man, who distributed surrounding newspapers in Spanish and screamed: "Venezuela is on the verge of revolution!”This meant, that economic killers were defeated in another country.

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Anyone can contribute to the fight against the formation of a global empire. This requires the following.

  • Stay tuned for news and learn to read between the lines. На­учи­тесь оп­ре­делять, what forces are behind each news report.
  • Realize the fact, that most of the media are controlled by giant corporations. Те­лека­нал NBC при­над­ле­жит General Electric, Disney яв­ля­ет­ся вла­дель­цем те­лека­нала ABC, а CNN вхо­дит в сос­тав AOL Time Warner. Ра­зуме­ет­ся, лю­ди, уп­равля­ющие эти­ми те­лека­нала­ми, seek primarily to spread those values, which are beneficial to them.
  • Speak openly about global issues and actively participate in public discussion of these issues.
  • Make an effort to, to make the world a better place, and the scale of consumption (осо­бен­но неф­ти) сок­ра­тились.
  • Never forget, that the problem is not with individual organizations, and in the general erroneous views on economic development.
  • Recognize the need to revolutionize our education system: young people must learn to think and act independently.
  • Teach Children to Treat People with Pity, whose life has turned insatiable, бе­зудер­жное пот­ребле­ние.
  • Honestly admit your own mistakes.. Have you ever deceived yourself and others?? What were these situations? Impartially looking at his own actions, you will experience great relief.
  • Believe it, that together we can fundamentally change the current economic paradigm and ultimately make the world a better place.

Everyone should ask themselves a question: “What can I do to, to bring closer the moment of global revaluation of values?”This reassessment is the most important task, kotoriye put before us conscience.

About the author

John Perkins - Founder of a clean energy company. IN 1971-1981 years worked as a chief economist in an international consulting firm, where he supervised the issues of economics and regional planning. Therein, that he was actually an economic hitman, Perkins decided to openly confess only after the terrorist attacks 11 сен­тября 2001 го­да. Currently advocates the promotion of the ideas of universal well-being and reform of financial institutions.


  • “This book is not fiction, but the true story of my life ".
  • “This story must be told, because today a single country for the first time has the opportunity to change the situation around the world. This country, where I was born and where I served as an economic hitman, - USA ".
  • “My story must be made public, because we live in an era of global crisis and the same global opportunities ”.
  • "IN 1971 year I started working with my mentor Claudine, and she told me: “Joining our ranks, you will stay here forever "".
  • “Claudine frankly described the future work to me… According to her, she was about, to convince world leaders to join the vast network, под­держи­ва­ющей прод­ви­жение эко­номи­чес­ких ин­те­ресов Аме­рики. In the end, we must entangle these leaders in a web of debt., to ensure their loyalty ”.
  • “The corporatocracy is not a worldwide conspiracy, however, its representatives do have common values ​​and goals ”.
  • “It is based on the concept, which has become almost an axiom, - about that, that economic growth benefits humanity, and the higher its pace, the greater the benefit they bring ”.
  • “Гло­баль­ная куль­ту­ра пред­став­ля­ет со­бой ко­лос­саль­ный ме­ханизм, which began to require more and more fuel for its work. Soon he will consume everything, what will be in the field of his reach, and then he will have nothing else to do, except to devour yourself ".
  • “On the war in Iraq, the United States spent over 87 billion dollars - according to UN estimates, less than half of this amount would be enough to provide clean water, про­доволь­стви­ем, sanitation and education of all inhabitants of the planet. And we still wonder, why are terrorists attacking us?!”
  • “Our time has come. It's time for each of us to find the answer to the most important questions., and then take decisive action ”.


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