Confessions of an economic Hitman. John Perkins. Краткое изложение книги

"Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" (eng. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man) - polubiograficheskaya book by John Perkins, published in 2004 year. The book is dedicated to Perkins' activities as an employee of the electrical company Chas. T. Main from Boston. According to Perkins memories while working on Chas. T. Main Its main task is the belief of developing countries in need of attracting credit for the development of infrastructure projects (contributing, among other things, improving the welfare of the local elite) as performers are usually, regarded US companies. Attracted loans for the implementation of infrastructure projects, According to the author, United States provided political influence on the recipient country, and opened the American company access to sources of minerals.

In his book, the author calls this approach "economic murder" and, despite the fact, that throughout his career, John Perkins worked for private companies, representing the opinion of the author rather focus korporokratii and greed, rather than a system of implementation of the "conspiracy", he claims, that before coming to Chas. T. Main it interviewed the National Security Agency. According to the author, interview before taking on the job was carried out in the form of an "independent procedures", John Perkins reception ended on a job as economic adviser to the vice president of Chas. T. Main - Einar Mane (eng. Einar Greve), having, According to the author, due to the National Security Agency.

The contents

In the book "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" is seriously criticized by the United States foreign policy and questioned the idea, that "economic growth leads to an increase in the population's welfare, and the greater the magnitude of economic growth - the greater the benefits are wide layers of the population ". according to the author, basic profits from the project receives a small circle of businessmen, and to support his point of view, it gives examples of economic inequality, arising from the use of cheap labor by American companies, and environmental issues, resulting from the exploitation of natural resources.

In his book, Perkins describes a system "korporokratii and greed", which the author believes is a major driving force in the establishment of the United States authorities on a global scale, and in which the person John Perkins served as the "Economic Hit Man". According to the author of it, as an employee of Chas. T. Main was required to convince the leaders of the political and the financial sector of developing countries need to attract huge loans for various projects from such institutions, as the World Bank and the US Agency for International Development. In turn, developing countries, I am unable to pay the heavy debts, We were forced to go in the wake of the United States on a wide range of issues, that, in turn, according to the author led to the political neutralization of the local elite and the growth of economic inequality. To confirm his words Perkins leads conversations with various influential personalities, such as Graham Greene and Omar Torrijos:

«Экономический убийца» — высокооплачиваемые профессионалы, who are hired in order to deceive the whole country for many billions of dollars. These mercenaries are engaged in, that is pumped huge sums from the World Bank, United States Agency for International Development and international funds "help" in the pockets of large corporations and limited circle of rich families, controlling the natural resources of the planet. Arsenal "EHM" is quite rich and includes fake financial reports, election fraud, bribes, extortion, sexual practices and murder. "Economic Hit Man" lead your game, world-old, but that due to the expansion of globalization has adopted a "devastating scale".

The main ideas

  • According to Perkins, economic killers - are professionals, which bring the economies of the countries of their choice to bankruptcy.
  • They are supported by the US government.
  • If they can not cope, It comes in CIA, do not disdain any methods up to political killings.
  • Perkins had been recruited by the US National Security Agency.
  • Due to the actions of the country's economic killer bogged down in debt and become totally dependent on the creditor countries.
  • To gain the confidence of the influential Saudi officials, Perkins send for a purpose to it pretty blondes.
  • Activities of economic killers repeatedly provoked massive protests and even a social revolution.
  • Иран­ская ре­волю­ция по­каза­ла, that the US government lied to its people.
  • In the end, Perkins decided to leave his career an Economic Hit Man, and this book was his confession.
  • To make a difference, do not be afraid to show their citizenship and participate in the collective struggle

Бо­евой от­ряд аме­рикан­ской де­мок­ра­тии

Highly paid economic hit men are part of the official US delegation at all international meetings bilateral. these people, disguised as economists, vladeyut izoshtrennыmi metodami step-razlichnыh organizations value in vsemu Miru to finansovogo bankrotstva. Нап­ри­мер, they prepare the financial estimates for the expensive projects in third world countries, which will clearly can not afford their governments. За­тем, Guided by their optimistic economic forecasts, The World Bank and other financial institutions to give loans to developing countries. Economic hit men are ready for anything, что­бы до­бить­ся сво­их це­лей. If they can not cope, getting into the act even more mysterious people from the CIA, which weapon - bloody political upheavals and "accidents". But sometimes even the CIA fails, and then, the US government sends in the thick of the American soldiers, as it did in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The killer of the Peace Corps

Childhood John Perkins spent in New Hampshire, Get there fairly strict upbringing. After college in Middlebury, he graduated from Boston University and joined the Peace Corps, chtobы izbezhatь prizыva in armiю in Vьetnam. At one time, Perkins thought about a career spy, and even went through several interviews with staff of the US National Security Agency. he feared, that relatives did not approve of his decision to go to a distant Ecuador as part of the mission of the Peace Corps. Од­на­ко дя­дя под­держал ини­ци­ати­ву Джо­на, ска­зав: "We need good agents there - people, who understand the natives ". Peace Corps service is turned to Perkins excellent preparation for the subsequent role of an Economic Hit Man, although he himself while about anything like that did not guess.

In January 1971 Ecuadorian, his trip ended, и Пер­кинс ус­тро­ил­ся эко­номис­том в кон­салтин­го­вую фир­му Chas. T. Main. Commissioned by the World Bank, the company has studied the possibility issuance of billions of dollars of loans to Ecuador and a number of neighboring countries. Од­нажды вско­ре пос­ле то­го, like Perkins started to work, he was approached by a cute green-eyed brunette, He introduced himself as Claudine Martin. She served as a consultant on specific issues. Кло­дин со­об­щи­ла, that from now on its task - to make of an Economic Hit Man Perkins. "We - the people are very rare profession, and work with us quite Dirt, - she said,. - No one must know about, what you do, да­же ва­ша же­на”.

Поз­же вы­яс­ни­лось, that the role of an Economic Hit Man Perkins had to act in two directions. In-pervыh, he had to come up with justifications for granting huge loans for large civil engineering projects, which brought profits of his employer and some other US companies. In-vtorыh, he had to organize the country bankrupt, по­лучав­ших кре­диты. Okazavshisy depending on kreditorov, These countries will be forced to blindly carry out their demands, whether access to oil and the construction of military bases. "Nam salary for this, – го­вори­ла Кло­дин, - so we cheated the same country, then another… milliardы of dollarov. One of our main objectives - to persuade world leaders to help promote US economic interests ".

The game of poker economic

USAID or the Asian Development Bank poručaût konsaltingovym firms a tool like Chas. T. Main изу­чить си­ту­ацию в глав­ных го­родах ре­ги­она, which will be allocated a financial grant. When Perkins came for this purpose in Indonesia, officials from Jakarta and Bandung took him stretched courtesy poker partners. Од­на­ко прос­тые лю­ди, with whom he spoke, were much more outspoken and bluntly told him, that the West, led by the greedy, indifferent to the needs of other countries in America simply seeks to exploit them.

Perkins gradually began to doubt the justification for the purposes of, I mentioned by Claudine. Back in Boston, he learned, that Claudine had disappeared - perhaps, she was assigned a new task. A Perkins povysili in motion only for this, that the forecasts compiled by them of economic growth for Indonesia were very optimistic - just such, as one would his employers. In the next few months, he has held a number of meetings in Tehran, Ка­рака­се, Гва­тема­ле, Лон­до­не, Vienna and Washington, DC. Although Perkins often get the chance to chat with famous people, as the Shah of Iran and Robert McNamara, the idea, that he - an Economic Hit Man, He did not like. Пер­кинс пред­по­читал на­зывать се­бя глав­ным эко­номис­том.

Iran: свер­же­ние ша­ха

In 1978 godu Perkins nahodilsya business trip in Tegerane. Од­нажды ве­чером, when he sat in the hotel lobby, someone tapped him on the shoulder. Обер­нувшись, he saw Farhad, his old friend from college - human, probably associated with the Iranian secret services. "Here everything is bursting at the seams, те­бе нуж­но сроч­но уле­тать”, - Farhad said, and handed him a ticket for the next flight out of the country.

Seeds iranskoy revolutions bыli poseyanы in 1950 is godы, when the United States overthrew the Shah's predecessor. Соп­ро­тив­ле­ние но­вому ша­ху воз­гла­вил ре­лиги­оз­ный ли­дер Ира­на а­ятол­ла Хо­мей­ни. In January 1979 , the Shah was forced to flee to Egypt. In November of the same year, a crowd of Islamists seized the American embassy in Tehran - 52 US citizens were on the half year hostage. The fall of the Shah clearly demonstrated, that America is grossly lied to Americans about their true role in the world arena. Massive outbreak of hatred for the Shah was a complete surprise for the Americans. ANB and CRU Sigurno smo nešto see signs približaûŝejsâ Revolution, but the information never reached the American voters.

Ад­ми­нис­тра­ция пре­зиден­та Кар­те­ра пред­при­няла по­пыт­ку ос­во­бодить за­лож­ни­ков си­лой, but this attempt has suffered a crushing defeat. The following November, Americans voted against Carter, which is considered his main task peacekeeping around the world. It was replaced by Ronald Reagan, who decided to hold the US global supremacy by military force.

Са­удов­ская Ара­вия: in the pursuit of oil and money

Thanks to the oil embargo of Saudi Arabia has gained the status of one of the biggest players on the world stage. Perkins was assigned to evaluate the prospects of investing the wealth of this country in large projects on infrastructure development. Ра­зуме­ет­ся, in must win to stay were American firms-contractors. Perkins task was, so that more Saudi petrodollars settled in American pockets. To perform this task Perkins had to convince a senior Saudi officials that, that the plan laundering Saudi money was favorable to his kingdom. This man, in turn, gave to understand Perkins, that during his trips to Boston would like to enjoy the company of pretty blondes. Perkins has fulfilled this wish, and as a result of Saudi officials agreed with his proposal.

From bad to worse

In thread kontsov Perkins mouth of treachery postoyannogo. "For ten years, - he says,, - I felt a follower slave traders, kotorыe vtorgalisy in afrikanskie jungles and Valog neschastnыh tuzemtsev of nevolynichyi ship ". Фаль­ши­вые эко­номи­чес­кие прог­но­зы при­носи­ли Пер­кинсу хо­рошую при­быль, but over time, this kind of life he has grown hateful, and 1 ап­ре­ля 1980 the year he retired. Within a few years, he has provided services to energy companies, helping to prepare feasibility study for construction of new power plants. His wife was Winifred Grant, эко­лог-про­ек­тант. Джес­си­ка, their first child, ро­дилась 17 may 1982 го­да. Че­рез нес­коль­ко ме­сяцев Пер­кинс ос­но­вал ком­па­нию Independent Power Systems (IPS), ко­торая за­нима­лась про­ек­ти­рова­ни­ем эко­логи­чес­ки бе­зопас­ных элек­трос­танций. In 1980-1990-e godы, working as a consultant in the field of energy, Perkins podderzhival starыe svяzi with Vsemirnыm ATM, USAID and the IMF and odnovremenno observations deяtelьnostью эkonomicheskih killerov in vsem Mire - especially in Iraq.


Reagan and Bush senior tried to curb Saddam Hussein by the same means, and that Saudi officials, ie with money and debt. Economic hitmen care less the fact, that Hussein was a bloody tyrant. "We are willing to sell Saddam tanks and fighter jets, – го­ворит Пер­кинс, - we built him chemical plants and nuclear power plants, even though the, that these technologies could be used for military purposes ". There was oil in Iraq, water reserves and strategic position. but the main thing, по­жалуй, was that, that this country was a huge potential for investment, что не мог­ло не нра­вить­ся эко­номи­чес­ким кил­ле­рам.

В ав­густе 1990 го­да Ху­сейн со­вер­шил боль­шую ошиб­ку, втор­гшись в со­сед­ний Ку­вейт. Из­гнав ирак­цев из Ку­вей­та, Буш за­мет­но ук­ре­пил свой по­лити­чес­кий рей­тинг. В но­яб­ре 1990 го­да Пер­кинс с боль­шой для се­бя вы­годой про­дал ком­па­нию IPS, ус­тав от не­об­хо­димос­ти прис­лу­шивать­ся к же­лани­ям тран­сна­ци­ональ­ных кор­по­раций – мо­гущес­твен­ной си­лы, ко­торую он на­зывал “кор­по­раток­ра­ти­ей”. В час­тнос­ти, IPS ис­пы­тыва­ла мощ­ное дав­ле­ние со сто­роны Ashland Oil Company. Про­дав этой неф­тя­ной ком­па­нии свою фир­му, за­нимав­шу­юся про­из­водс­твом эко­логи­чес­ки чис­той энер­гии, Пер­кинс по­чувс­тво­вал се­бя нас­то­ящим пре­дате­лем.

В 1990-е го­ды Пер­кинс за­нял­ся бла­гот­во­ритель­ной де­ятель­ностью. Он ос­но­вал не­ком­мерчес­кую ком­па­нию Dream Change Coalition, which promoted respect for the environment. Time than Perkins ohvatыvalo desire napisaty knigu o deyatelynosti эkonomicheskih killerov, but instead, he was accompanied by the tourists in the Amazon jungle and showed them the tribes, which has not touched modern civilization. However, his life changed dramatically 11 сен­тября 2001 го­да.

Tenth of September Perkins led a group of American tourists rafting on one of the rivers of Ecuador. The next morning, he got in touch with the pilots, intending to negotiate with them, so they came and took away a group. Vnezapno a headphone razdalsya Creek: "Oh my God! The attack on New York!"Perkins promptly returned home and immediately went to the site of the terrorist attack. Glyadya of dыmyashtiesya razvalinы, ostavshiesya of Vsemirnogo torgovogo centralized, he thought of bin Laden, kotorogo amerikanskoe pravitelystvo snabzhalo denygami and oruzhiem of millionы dollarov. Already preparing to leave, he saw a man, kotorыy distributing okruzhayushtim gazetы of ispanskom Tongue and vыkrikival: "Venesuэla on the bordering revolutions!"This meant, that the economic hit men were defeated in another country.


Any person afford to contribute to the fight against the process of formation of a global empire. To do this, you need the following.

  • Вни­матель­но сле­дите за но­вос­тя­ми и на­учи­тесь чи­тать меж­ду строк. На­учи­тесь оп­ре­делять, Khaki silы kroyutsya for kazhdыm novostnыm reportazhem.
  • Be aware of the fact, that most of the media are controlled by giant corporations. Те­лека­нал NBC при­над­ле­жит General Electric, Disney яв­ля­ет­ся вла­дель­цем те­лека­нала ABC, а CNN вхо­дит в сос­тав AOL Time Warner. Ра­зуме­ет­ся, лю­ди, уп­равля­ющие эти­ми те­лека­нала­ми, stremyatsya in pervuyu ocheredy they rasprostranyaty values, kotorыe their vыgodnы.
  • От­кры­то го­вори­те о гло­баль­ных проб­ле­мах и ак­тивно учас­твуй­те в об­щес­твен­ном об­сужде­нии этих проб­лем.
  • При­лагай­те уси­лия к то­му, что­бы мир стал луч­ше, а мас­шта­бы пот­ребле­ния (осо­бен­но неф­ти) сок­ра­тились.
  • Ни­ког­да не за­бывай­те, что проб­ле­ма зак­лю­ча­ет­ся не в от­дель­ных ор­га­низа­ци­ях, а в об­щей оши­боч­ности взгля­дов на эко­номи­чес­кое раз­ви­тие.
  • Recognize the need for a revolutionary change in our education system: young people should learn to think and act independently.
  • Teach children to be treated with compassion towards people, whose life is turned into an insatiable, бе­зудер­жное пот­ребле­ние.
  • Honestly admit their own mistakes. Sluchalosy Do unto themselves obmanыvaty sebya and Others? What were the situation? Bespristrastno vzglyanuv of sobstvennыe postupki, you will feel a great relief.
  • Believe it, что сов­мес­тны­ми уси­ли­ями мы мо­жем в кор­не из­ме­нить су­щес­тву­ющую эко­номи­чес­кую па­радиг­му и в ко­неч­ном ито­ге сде­лать мир луч­ше.

Каж­дый че­ловек дол­жен за­дать се­бе воп­рос: "What can I do for, что­бы приб­ли­зить мо­мент гло­баль­ной пе­ре­оцен­ки цен­ностей?"This re-evaluation - the most important of the tasks, ко­торые ста­вит пе­ред на­ми сов­ре­мен­ность.

about the author

John Perkins – ос­но­ватель ком­па­нии по про­из­водс­тву эко­логи­чес­ки чис­той энер­гии. In 1971-1981 he worked as chief economist in the international consulting firm, where kuriroval question Economics and Regional Planning. In fact, that in fact he was an Economic Hit Man, Perkins decided to open to admit only after the attacks 11 сен­тября 2001 го­да. Currently he serves the propaganda of ideas of universal welfare and reform of financial institutions.


  • "This book - not fiction, a true story of my life ".
  • “Эта ис­то­рия дол­жна быть рас­ска­зана, по­тому что се­год­ня от­дель­но взя­тая стра­на впер­вые име­ет воз­можность из­ме­нить си­ту­ацию во всем ми­ре. Это стра­на, в ко­торой я ро­дил­ся и ко­торой я слу­жил в ка­чес­тве эко­номи­чес­ко­го кил­ле­ра, – США”.
  • “Моя ис­то­рия дол­жна стать дос­то­яни­ем глас­ности, ибо мы жи­вем в эпо­ху гло­баль­но­го кри­зиса и та­ких же гло­баль­ных воз­можнос­тей”.
  • “В 1971 го­ду я на­чал ра­ботать со сво­ей нас­тавни­цей Кло­дин, и она ска­зала мне: «Всту­пив в на­ши ря­ды, you'll stay here forever ' ".
  • "Claudine frankly described to me the future work… According to her,, it was that, to persuade world leaders to join the vast network, под­держи­ва­ющей прод­ви­жение эко­номи­чес­ких ин­те­ресов Аме­рики. In the end, we have to ensnare these leaders cobwebs of debts, to ensure their loyalty ".
  • "Corporatocracy is not a global conspiracy, However, its representatives do have common values ​​and goals ".
  • “Она ба­зиру­ет­ся на кон­цепции, став­шей чуть ли не ак­си­омой, – о том, что эко­номи­чес­кий рост идет на поль­зу че­лове­чес­тву, и чем вы­ше его тем­пы, тем боль­ше при­носи­мая им поль­за”.
  • “Гло­баль­ная куль­ту­ра пред­став­ля­ет со­бой ко­лос­саль­ный ме­ханизм, ко­торый стал тре­бовать для сво­ей ра­боты все боль­ше и боль­ше топ­ли­ва. Вско­ре он пот­ре­бит все, что ока­жет­ся в по­ле его до­сяга­емос­ти, а по­том ему не ос­та­нет­ся ни­чего ино­го, кро­ме как пож­рать са­мого се­бя”.
  • “На вой­ну в Ира­ке США пот­ра­тили свы­ше 87 мил­ли­ар­дов дол­ла­ров – по оцен­кам О­ОН, ме­нее по­лови­ны этой сум­мы хва­тило бы на обес­пе­чение чис­той во­дой, про­доволь­стви­ем, са­нитар­ны­ми средс­тва­ми и об­ра­зова­ни­ем всех жи­телей пла­неты. И мы еще удив­ля­ем­ся, по­чему нас ата­ку­ют тер­ро­рис­ты!"
  • “Наш час нас­тал. Каж­до­му из нас приш­ло вре­мя най­ти от­вет на са­мые важ­ные воп­ро­сы, а за­тем прис­ту­пить к ре­шитель­ным дей­стви­ям”.
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