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Сайты и сервисы по криптовалюте Сайты и сервисы по криптовалюте, блокчейну и ICO — лучшие медиа ресурсы, блоги, СМИ по крипте 1

Useful resources for investors: official sites of cryptocurrency rates, stock exchange, portfolios and ICOs. The section contains links to sites and services related to the circulation of cryptocurrencies

A convenient and popular resource for tracking virtual coin rates - The functionality is not limited to only one cryptocurrency price: you can bookmark tokens, maintain an investor's portfolio, analyze news from the aggregator for the largest online news publications. трекер для криптовалют tracker for cryptocurrencies

Primary task CoinTracker’а — collect all your trades and commissions in one place. The site automatically pulls data from wallets and online accounts. Among other things, it is possible to track courses cryptocurrencies in real time:

Cointracker: курс криптовалют CoinTracker: cryptocurrency rate

Official site Coin360 invites you to look at the cryptocurrency sector from a slightly different angle. The list of virtual currency is presented non-standard, in the form of a heat map, and tokens are grouped by encryption protocols:

Coin360: тепловая карта Coin360: heat map

If you are interested, where and in what quantities is cryptocurrency speculation, how often a particular token is mentioned in social networks, as well as the turnover of a separate exchange - you are on the road straight to Coinmarketcap. The most famous resource in our time, which is included in the rating of the top 300 sites of the modern web (similarweb data).

Coinmarketcap: курс криптовалют Coinmarketcap: cryptocurrency rate

Of course, don't forget, what ProfitGid does not stand still: page with cryptocurrency rates, where at any time you can find a suitable one in the search, or instantly convert the cost to fiat equivalent:

ProfitGid: курс криптовалют ProfitGid: cryptocurrency rate

Official sites of exchanges for cryptocurrency trading: reviews, tips and not only

If you are sure, what cryptocurrency worth the investment, need to know, where is it profitable to buy a coin and how to do it. Below are the most famous sites for buying, sale and exchange of cryptocurrency.

  • Binance. The largest exchange in terms of capital turnover per day. Known for its own cryptocurrency (BNB) and moderate commissions. The largest volume of trade is carried out with Bitcoin cryptocurrencies, Tron, Ethereum и Binance Coin;
  • Kraken. 8-e place in terms of trading volume. Most people buy bitcoin here, ether and ripple. More details - review and feedback on the Kraken exchange.
  • Poloniex. Ranked 15th in terms of turnover per day. Works with 2014 years and offers more 100 trading pairs. You can read a detailed review here: cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex;
  • LocalBitcoins. P2P platform for exchanging and trading cryptocurrency. Gaining momentum, displacing decentralized sites. Small turnover per day, but accepts any fiat. Differs in a convenient desktop version.

In this case, you will definitely have to check it yourself.. The following are the key points, which you should pay attention to when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange.

Reputation and reviews

Anyway, the exchange must be known. For that, to check, how does it function, learn about its intricacies when depositing and withdrawing capital, commissions and verification, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Register on the exchange, test the work of technical support, pass verification if necessary in advance.
  2. Always pay attention to the reviews on the forums, like BitcoinTalk and Reddit. From the comments you can find out, what problems arise and how they are solved on the platform.


Mostly, commissions are immediately mentioned on the main page of the exchange: in a good way in the header or footer of the site.

Payment systems

Make Sure, that the exchange accepts fiat. Take an interest, how will it be most profitable to deposit funds on the platform. Sure, that one payment system works well for all exchanges? Some do not cooperate with webmoney, others take 5-7% for transfer from Perfect Money, still others accept only cryptocurrency for input.

Choice of cryptocurrency and trading volume

Obviously, that you first need to look at the list of traded pairs and cryptocurrencies, available for purchase on the site. You should make sure that, what cryptocurrency, which you want to buy, sell on the stock exchange, at the same time the price corresponds to the real (not overestimated or underestimated). You can always check the volume of token trading on Coinmarketcap, in the "Markets" section.

Geographic restrictions

Some trading platforms restrict functionality for certain countries. So check first, do you have the right to become a bidder on a particular site.

There is a wonderful resource, buybitcoinworldwide, where can you check, is this or that cryptocurrency available for purchase in your country, and how this can be done through different payment systems. On the official website, you can find out about the ways to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and major altcoins specific to your country:

Buybitcoinworldwide: где и как купить криптовалюту по всему миру Buybitcoinworldwide: where and how to buy cryptocurrency around the world

Advice. Do not change the interface language to Russian in the settings. Part of the functionality immediately disappears (or is it just not translated). Use exclusively the English version of the site.

Don't forget about verification!

After all, it is extremely suspicious, when the playground or broker accepts credit cards, but does not ask you to verify your identity.

The verification procedure is relatively simple. You are required to provide a scan of your passport, cards and sometimes a utility bill to confirm where you live.

Rating of cryptocurrency exchanges

The main resource for checking exchanges, and also for general information about them - At the moment, the site has a list of the 45 best exchanges for cryptocurrencies:

Рейтинг лучших бирж криптовалют Rating of the best cryptocurrency exchanges

Also a good additional indicator would be the presence of the name of the exchange in the list "24 Hour Volume Rankings (Exchange)"- the volume of cryptocurrency trading over the past 24 hours of Coinmarketcap.

Websites for comparing cryptocurrency exchanges invites us to compare up-to-date data on 16 major exchanges. In this case, the comparison takes into account the type of exchange (broker / trading platform / p2p exchange), reputation, commission, payment methods and time, required for verification: рейтинг крипто бирж rating of crypto exchanges

On the official site BitcoinWiki you can also find a rating of platforms for speculating on cryptocurrency. Site selection criteria are unique, selected the most relevant exchanges (data is pulled from coinmarketcap):

BitcoinWiki: сравнение бирж BitcoinWiki: comparison of exchanges

A unique system for evaluating trading platforms and exchange offices is also presented on By clicking on the link, first, what we see is general advice for investors: which exchanges are best for exchanging fiat for cryptocurrency, and which ones are for return transfers.

The site's rating includes information about:

  • what tokens are on the platform;
  • what payments are accepted;
  • how long does verification take;
  • what is the commission for deposit and withdrawal.

To all other, the site has recommended exchanges, marked with asterisks - they are recommended to use for novice traders.

coinparator: рейтинг крипто бирж Coinparator: rating of crypto exchanges

The penultimate one on our list is CryptoCompare. The most famous service for comparing wallets, stock exchange, pools, and everything, what is related to cryptocurrencies.

Сайты и сервисы по криптовалюте Сайты и сервисы по криптовалюте, блокчейну и ICO — лучшие медиа ресурсы, блоги, СМИ по крипте 13 CryptoCompare: rating of exchanges

ProfitGuide also has rating of exchanges with detailed description: reviews, subtleties during registration and verification, useful tips and tricks for working with the platform. You can always sort platforms by currency pair, name, rating or trading volume for 24 o'clock:

ProfitGid: рейтинг криптовалютных бирж со всевозможными фильтрами ProfitGid: rating of cryptocurrency exchanges with all kinds of filters

Asset portfolios

It is worth keeping trade statistics regardless of the fact, you are an investor or trader. It is advisable to store data about your transactions in one place; while filling should be available both from the phone, and from a laptop or tablet. Moreover, with multi-colored graphs and all kinds of statistics - who doesn't like a well-thought-out interface??

Turns out, Altpocket has already realized all the wishes of traders for a long time: statistics, charts and increased usability of the resource, accessible from any device:

Краткий обзор сервиса Altpocket Altpocket service at a glance

By the way,, this site has an excellent opportunity to share trading results with other users - this way the social activity of the platform is supported. Bittrex Exchanges API Supported, Poloniex and Binance.

If you are not interested in cryptocurrency courses, and there should be nothing superfluous in the interface of the investment portfolio, you can consider CoinTrackr as your online assistant. On the official website, you can add an asset (deal) and forget about logging for transactions, because the data will be automatically updated, providing you with information on losses and profits for the last hour, day and for 7 days:

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CoinTrackr: легкий портфель для сделок CoinTrackr: lightweight portfolio for deals

There is also a great mobile app - Blockfolio.. The application is rich in small "features", not noticeable at first glance - this is for the best. The software is available for download on iOS and Android.

Blockfolio: приложение для мобильных устройств Block folio: mobile app

Another convenient service for tracking your investments is crypto portfolio on Profit. Everything, what is required of you is to choose an asset and an investment amount; you can leave the rest to the tracker. After filling in the required information, you can easily track your profit, number of coins, learn about the best and worst trade - and all this with excellent visualization.

Криптопортфель от ПрофитГид Crypto portfolio from ProfitGuide

The best resources for ICO awareness: official sites

They, who is closely familiar with the cryptocurrency world, ICO - public offering of coins is not bypassed either. In our time, there are quite a lot of "ikos", and you can't keep up with everyone. And there is no need: sites for monitoring upcoming ICOs have already done this for us a long time ago.

One of the most popular sites for reviewing upcoming crowdfunding coins is ListICO.. general information, description, YouTube review, and key data in one place.

ListICO: обзор ICO ListICO: ICO review

A great alternative to ListICO is a resource called ICObazaar, which conducts an independent assessment of the crypto market as a whole.

ICObazaar: обзор и рейтинг предстоящих ICO ICObazaar: review and rating of upcoming ICOs

Many investors and traders prefer ICObench - a search engine and rating for ICO. The site is famous not only for its large database and the "well-established" history of the project, but also by searching for "people from the world of blockchain development":

ICObench: поиск по людям ICObench: search by people

Complete ICO base from around the world, with ratings from users, and detailed reviews are located on our website, in section ICO Rating:

ПрофитГид.ру: рейтинг ICO

Publications on key issues of cryptocurrencies

  • Fork Log - reviews, news, analytics and opinions of cryptocurrency experts.
  • CryptMarketCap — capitalization of cryptocurrencies and information about its change in percentage terms. The total volume of coins that have passed the issue.
  • CoinWarz — online calculators for calculating the profit of cryptocurrencies.

Сайты и сервисы по криптовалюте Сайты и сервисы по криптовалюте, блокчейну и ICO — лучшие медиа ресурсы, блоги, СМИ по крипте 24

Fork Log

Market analytics

The Bitcoin Wisdom project has become the flagship in the environment of analytical resources. Users get access to a convenient price chart displayed in the form of Japanese candlesticks. Parallel collection of data from several exchanges, which allows you to analyze the market in real time.

Сайты и сервисы по криптовалюте Сайты и сервисы по криптовалюте, блокчейну и ICO — лучшие медиа ресурсы, блоги, СМИ по крипте 26

Beneficial resource The Genesis Block, up-to-date information on key topics:

  • Trading;
  • mining;
  • cryptocurrency news.

Together with him we recommend reading the resource Bitcoin Carts, providing access to pool statistics, technical information and information about the power of the cryptocurrency network.


Current news is published on the pages of authoritative information resources. Insider starts on the court Coindesk, used by other sites as the primary source.

Users, who need technical data, find an interesting project BitInfoCharts. One of the first publishes important news site CryptoCoinsNews.

Сайты и сервисы по криптовалюте Сайты и сервисы по криптовалюте, блокчейну и ICO — лучшие медиа ресурсы, блоги, СМИ по крипте 28

Financial and trading operations

The currency is valuable, when you can buy something for it, and payment services help with this, performing intermediary functions and conversion operations: CoinBase, BitPay. Transactions are impossible without wallets, and there are some decent services here.

  • Bitcoin-Qt - customer, network backbone. It is characterized by a high degree of safety, guarantees anonymity and functions without interruption. The downside is not enough options..
  • Bitcoin Armory — is based on the platform of the previous wallet and has additional features: cold storage of information, data encryption and file backup.
  • Electrum - based on the use of remote service data to process complex operations. You can restore access to the system, using password.

The holy of holies of the world of cryptocurrencies - exchanges for speculative operations. The BTC China platform is in second place in terms of trading volume and capitalization level. The disadvantage is the Chinese interface.

Сайты и сервисы по криптовалюте Сайты и сервисы по криптовалюте, блокчейну и ICO — лучшие медиа ресурсы, блоги, СМИ по крипте 30

Exotic data

Interesting and reliable data is available on several key resources.

  • Listen To bitcoin - there is information about all bitcoin transactions with the submission of information in the form of a "music bubble", it increases and changes its sound depending on the volume of transactions.
  • FiatLeak - you can find out, between which countries transactions in bitcoins are carried out.
  • Casascius — sell physical bitcoins in the form of silver or gold coins, containing a hologram with the code key of a digital coin.

Сайты и сервисы по криптовалюте Сайты и сервисы по криптовалюте, блокчейну и ICO — лучшие медиа ресурсы, блоги, СМИ по крипте 32



The exchange of opinions between market participants takes place on forums, and the project became the leader here MMGP. The site collects people, interested in making money online, and it has a big section, dedicated to cryptocurrencies. The forum has official pages in social networks.

There is an interesting forum on, here the whole site is dedicated to cryptocurrencies and has a clear structure:

  • news;
  • cryptocurrency rates;
  • useful articles.

Blockchain along with bitcoin is covered in detail on the resource Bitnovosti. Clear structure, news feed, cryptocurrency rates, information about upcoming ICOs. The creators post information about mining and tutorials in the form of films and books.

Сайты и сервисы по криптовалюте Сайты и сервисы по криптовалюте, блокчейну и ICO — лучшие медиа ресурсы, блоги, СМИ по крипте 34

Foreign websites about cryptocurrencies

English-language sites about bitcoin and blockchain have a much larger audience., covering the most important news in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Project Cointelegraph replicated in many languages ​​and has a Russian version, but more useful information in the original source. Content changes depending on the language version of the project, and the key feature is podcasts. The internal structure includes a news section and coverage of important events, regarding ether and bitcoin.

The price component of digital money is covered by the English-language platform CryptoCoinCharts:

  • current rate;
  • technical data from exchanges;
  • analytics toolkit.

Internet resources about Bitcoin

Bitcoin websites in English - cryptocurrency aggregator, showing the levels of cryptocurrencies capitalization, current token rates, available exchanges and cryptocurrency ratings - interviews of "superheroes" of the crypto world, interior kitchen projects, success stories. — news section of one of the world's main bitcoin platforms Bitcoin.with, combining a mining pool and a crypto wallet service. — latest news and analytics, more 7 million monthly visitors. - information resource for beginners. - authoritative site with news and analytics, founded in 2014 year. — online magazine about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, based in 2012 year as a developer Ethereum Vitalik Buterin and Mihai Alize. - news section of the project, issuing the cryptocurrency of the same name. — one of the largest information portals about cryptocurrencies. - the latest news from the world of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. — the resource covers fintech topics, blockchain and bitcoin. - news aggregator about Ethereum and blockchain infrastructure. - cryptocurrency and blockchain news aggregator. — aggregator of opinions and ratings of experts about ICO

Websites about Bitcoin in Russian — the largest information site in Russia about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. - website, highlighting blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and related topics: history and mechanisms of work of monetary systems, modern financial technologies (fintech), peer-to-peer technologies, cypherpunk and the Austrian economy, copyright issues and Internet freedom, futurology and transhumanism. - Russian site, dedicated to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. One of the oldest thematic resources in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet. — news from the world of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain in Russian and Georgian. — one of the largest resources on digital currencies in runet, fintech trends and financial innovations. - online magazine with news, analytics and expert opinion. — news publication about cryptocurrencies and blockchain — news about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Translation into Russian from foreign sources.

Bitcoin community - anonymous imageboard forum, dedicated to cryptocurrencies. - Russian-language forum on the topic of cryptocurrencies. - the largest blockchain community, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Has existed since the beginning of the emergence of bitcoin, created Satoshi Nakamoto c 2009 year. — project forum. - a selection of materials on — service of questions and answers on the topic of bitcoin. - Russian-speaking group about bitcoin in Vkontakte. — Facebook group, dedicated to bitcoin.

Telegram channels and chats about bitcoin — the main news of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and decentralized technologies live. — catalog of all telegram channels about cryptocurrencies. - telegram channel about cryptocurrencies. - telegram channel about bitcoin. — news about the Ethereum project. — official chat of the CryptoHackers project. — community chat about Bitcoin and Bitcoin Core. — chat of the blog-platform about cryptocurrencies "Voice". - the channel of the former adviser to the President of the Russian Federation on the development of the Internet German Klimenko. - the latest news from the world of bitcoin, blockchain and online business in general. — an English-language channel with news and analytics on the topic of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. — Russian-language news aggregator about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. — telegram channel of the information resource "Cryptojournal". — the latest news about ICO, blockchains and startups, digests, copyright materials. — aggregator of opinions and ratings of experts about ICO.


Armory (Armory) Is an electronic wallet for working in the bitcoin network, python-based.

Betcoiner is a site, where users can bet on bitcoin, with probability TRUE or FALSE. The minimum bet is 0.01 BTC.

Bitcoin ATM is a machine for exchanging between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Bitcoin ATM machines are installed all over the world from the end 2013 of the year, on November 2017 there are 1833 in 59 countries. Every day is set on average by 4 such machines.

Bitcoin Blender is an anonymous service, providing bitcoin mixing services

Bitcoin Core is the official Bitcoin wallet, Bitcoin software reference implementation.

Bitcoin Fog is a bitcoin mixing service for users, in order to increase their anonymity. The service takes a random commission from 1% to 3% for all deposits.

Bitcoin Laundry is a service, ensuring the anonymity of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin QR Popup is a Bitcoin POS Client for Windows

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Bitcoin or Ethereum are the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. What is better bitcoin or ethereum? Difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum.

What is bitcoin wallet? Bitcoin Wallet (Bitcoin Wallet) it is the equivalent of a physical wallet for Bitcoin transactions

Bitcoin 24 - it was the largest bitcoin cryptocurrency exchanger in Europe. Bitcoin 24 offered instant registration and trading without imposing and limiting the deposit and withdrawal of funds….

Bitcoin express (bitcoin express) — is a company offering hosting services for bitcoins

Bitcoin-Qt — This is an electronic wallet based on the original Satoshi Nakamoto code. Bitcoin-Qt wallet was used, as a desktop client — it is a platform for analytics and monitoring. Bitcoin chain provides statistics online: blockchain data, mining pools and cryptocurrency markets

BitcoinStarter is a global one-stop crowdfunding platform, analog Kickstarter. BitcoinStarter offers flexible financing.

Bitgrail is an Italian cryptocurrency exchange. 12 February 2018 bitgrail exchange filed for bankruptcy

bit stamp (Bitstamp) is a cryptocurrency exchange, which works with the Bitcoin market, with the ability to deposit and withdraw funds in various currencies

BlockChain Bitcoin wallet is a Bitcoin wallet that does not require block downloads., uses standard AES encryption is a cryptocurrency bitcoin wallet and block explorer service, providing data on recent transactions.

BTC Guild is one of the oldest and most respected pools in Bitcoin history.

BTC-E is a cryptocurrency exchange. Filmed 0.01 BTC withdrawal fees in bitcoins. BTC E offers users a variety of trading pairs is an online platform with up-to-date data on the cryptocurrency market, showing the current market capitalization of all major cryptocurrencies

Coinbase (Coinbase) Is a cryptocurrency wallet service and the largest US exchange. Coinbas cryptocurrency exchange serves over 10 million users

Coincheck is a cryptocurrency exchange and bitcoin wallet headquartered in Tokyo., Japan. Coin check is based in 2014 year Koichiro Wada and Yusuke Otsuka.

Coinmarketcap (Crypto-Currency Market Capitalizations) Is a site for tracking PPC markets and all digital currencies.

Cointelegraph is an independent media platform, dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, occupying a leading position among the industry media.

Copperlark (lark,CL) Is a Russian cryptocurrency, basic differences, system structure . How new lark coins are created?​ is a cryptocurrency trading platform (cryptocurrency exchange). Suitable for both beginners, and trading professionals

CryptoPayment is a Russian account replenishment and payment service using Bitcoin and Litecoin cryptocurrencies, transactions are made through Yandex Money.

Cryptorush is an exchange, carries out a purchase / sale between cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is also on the list of cryptocurrency destinations Crypto Rush

Cryptsy (Crippies) is a cryptocurrency exchange, serves more 90 various coins. Crypto exchange Cryptotsy founded in Delray Beach, Florida, USA.

Etherium (Ethereum) it is an open source platform, based on blockchain, with the functionality of using smart contracts

Ethereum Classic (Ethereum classic) (ETC) Is a decentralized blockchain platform. Ethereum classic appeared after the separation of the Ethereum blockchain and is its continuation.

FriendlyPay is an application for sending and receiving bitcoins. Works on jailbreak iOS and Android systems.

Gambling with Bitcoins is a site with guides to gambling exclusively on cryptocurrencies: online casino, lottery, sports betting, poker

GigaTux is a web host, providing servers in the USA, UK and Germany. The focus of the company is Internet rights and anonymity. GigaTux accepts bitcoins.

Indacoin is a European cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in London., founded in 2013 year. All popular cryptocurrencies are traded on Indacoin.

Kraken (Kraken) this is a cryptocurrency exchange, based in 2011 year in San Francisco. The exchange operates in Canada, EU countries, Japan and USA

Lightning Network (LN) Is a network of two-way transaction records on top of the blockchain. Lightning Network allows you to transform cryptocurrency into a means of payment.

Lisk (Lisk) Is a blockchain platform, which allows you to create decentralized applications. As part of the project, the Lisk cryptocurrency was issued with the LSK token.

Map of coins — this is an infographic site about the history of cryptocurrency. Mapofcoins allows you to learn more about the world of cryptocurrencies and trace their history from 2008 of the year

MintPal is a cryptocurrency exchange, including Bitcoin. Hacking the exchange led to a loss of about 8 million VRC tokens or about 30% of the total amount of existing coins

Morpheus Network is an automated smart contract blockchain platform for supply chain management with a built-in cryptocurrency payment system

MultiBit is a cryptocurrency wallet, based on BitCoinJ technology. Multibit provides the ability to own several wallets at the same time.

NO (TO WATCH, HEM) it is an open source cryptocurrency, written in Java, JavaScript и C++. One of the directions — development of the NEM cryptocurrency platform.

Cryptocurrency NEO (NEO) it is a smart asset platform and the first open source blockchain project in China. The system includes two different tokens NEO and GAS

Opporty is a decentralized ecosystem with a service marketplace and a knowledge sharing platform. The platform includes ERC20 standard OPP tokens.

Pilot line is an online store of rare electronics, payment for the order is possible in bitcoins, with the minimum amount — 0.13 BTC. The Pilot Line store was organized in 2012

Poloniex (Polonix) is a cryptocurrency exchange, based in the USA in 2014 Tristan D'Agosta was acquired by Circle Ltd in February 2018 of the year.

primecoin (XPM) it is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, developed on the basis of bitcoin and has an open source code. Primecoin has no coin limit.

Quarkcoin (QRK, quark; quarkcoin, cryptocurrency quark) Is an electronic payment system, as well as the type of cryptocurrency, is a completely anonymous bitcoin fork.

Scolcoin is Colombia's first cryptocurrency, using proof of ownership mining (POS). This technology is based on Bitcoin, it is a form of electronic money, completely P2P and allows us to send payments online directly between parties over a peer-to-peer network.

Shared coin is a service for mixing users' bitcoins in order to increase the anonymity of transactions. Service commission - 0.0005 BTC.

TenX (PAY) Is the cryptocurrency of the platform of the same name, which offers crypto debit cards and cryptocurrency wallets. TenX token can be bought from the beginning of the ICO.

White paper (white paper) Is a document, informing about the launched product or service. White paper has gained great popularity during the ICO

Bitcoin faucet (faucet, cryptocurrency faucets) Is a reward system in the form of a website or app, which distributes rewards among users.

Capcoin is a site with a real-time update of the rate and capitalization of cryptocurrencies, volume of trades for 24 o'clock, price changes per day.

Beautiful infographic of the history of cryptocurrencies and protocols. There is a good structured extract for each technology. Helps to understand the whole zoo of technologies and altcoins. Renders a map of hard forks for Bitcoin (BTC), Bytecoin (BCN), Nxt (NXT), Ripple (XRP).

Great site for evaluating basic market information, where you can find a lot of data on many existing coins. There is an API. On the service you can get acquainted with the most significant data about a particular cryptocurrency: historical price dynamics, market capitalization, change in price and total number of coins on the market, list of new cryptocurrencies on exchanges, рейтинги Biggest Gainers и Biggest Loosers, much more.

A resource that allows you to track the capitalization of past ICOs in dynamics. Is a great tool for analyzing past ICOs. Reflects the current state of the art for many cryptocurrency projects in real time. Has the ability to compare data against USD, BTC, ETH. Has a comparative chart for various ICOs.


A lot of metadata for all presented cryptocurrencies. There is a free API with unique data. Cryptocompare is an information portal, intended for humans, who invest in cryptocurrencies. The service demonstrates fairly accurate prices online, graphical and market analyzes, collecting data from 65 the best cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. Powerful, informative resource, including wallet ratings, stock exchange, plastic cards, mining pools and more.

The uniqueness of this service is, that here you can analyze the activity of the community in social. networks. Shows activity analytics data on Reddit communities, Twitter и Facebook, data on repositories on Github and statistics on requests to Bing.


Technical analysis in one click. There are all the necessary indicators for professional traders. There is a notification system and chat. It also has a well-organized system of "blogs" of traders, with the ability to publish your technical analysis. Such graphs are called "ideas". Users can subscribe to the authors of such "ideas" and use the recommendations in further trading.

First of all, Cryptowatch is an aggregator of various cryptocurrency exchanges - information of various platforms is displayed here, including futures for some coins. Most of the instruments are presented from the Poloniex exchange. Next in descending order is Bitfinex, Kraken, Bittrex, Quoine, BitMEX, BTC-e, bit stamp, Bithumb, GDAX, OKCoin, QuadrigaCX, BitFlyer, CEX-IO, Cryptos, Bitsquare, Gemini is Luno. It is convenient to watch in real time such data as: price, volumes, orders, list of completed transactions. There is an API.


Famous Price Charting Site. What is attractive? A lot of different charts.


Generally positioned as a tool for enterprise traders. Unique themes, which provides many tools for analyzing the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain. Provides transaction charts, commissions, block analytics, mempul — everything in one place. Plus a handy calculator for Bitcoin mining, which calculates the yield on 5 years ahead.

Excellent various statistics and infographics on Bitcoin in different sections. The service shows data such as: legal status in different countries; trading volumes for different countries, including on Localbitcoins; Google Trends requests for different countries; Bitcoin audience analytics (on the floor, age, interests); statistics on mining money; comprehensive statistics on blocks and nodes.

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Block chair

Powerful search on the Bitcoin blockchain. Allows you to search across all data in a block, which are only possible.


The site contains much more data, than just basic information about cryptocurrencies and their current market capitalization. Certain price predictions are also published on the website., which might be helpful, even if you are already familiar with a particular cryptocurrency. All information is available in a simple and minimalistic interface, which you can customize for yourself.

Dead Coins

Choosing the right moment is not enough for successful trading, you also need the right asset. Dead Coins maintains a constantly updated list of cryptocurrencies, which investors should avoid at all costs, with explanations, why is this or that project considered dead or fraudulent.

The site sends out newsletters and allows you to customize alerts based on incoming information, associated with a particular cryptocurrency. With such a service, investors have a much better chance of concluding a profitable deal. Price: Бес­плат­но

Sometimes it's helpful to know, what other successful crypto traders do. It is for this purpose that the CryptoFund was created. Although the platform itself is a system for professional portfolio management, it is distinguished from analogues by the possibility of the so-called social trade, when the user follows the positions of other investors.

Block folio

Access to reliable information anytime, anywhere is critical to successful trading. The Blockfolio application comes to the rescue of the trader (до­ступ­но в App Store и Google Play). It tracks more 3 thousand. various cryptoassets and 100 stock exchange. The application allows you to control the value of the portfolio in real time and receive notifications. Blockfolio can be configured to send ad-hoc notifications, на­при­мер, when the cryptocurrency reaches a certain value. Price: Бес­плат­но.

Cryptocurrencies are a high-tech sector, по­это­му неуди­ви­тель­но, that new startups like Signals are trying to combine machine learning with automated trading. Signals по­мо­жет опыт­ным трей­де­рам со­зда­вать соб­ствен­ные тор­го­вые ал­го­рит­мы, without requiring extensive knowledge of programming. With its help, you can create your own automated trading strategy and include elements of machine learning in it., who will adapt and correct it based on Big Data. You can also check the models on a test account and make sure the quality of the algorithm. Price: Not yet defined. Following a successful token placement and alpha release, Signals is gearing up to launch a production version in November.

Look for a simple and straightforward selection of the strongest cryptocurrencies on the market? Then you can't do without the CoinGecko service.. He ranks them, taking into account such key factors, like liquidity, пуб­лич­ный ин­те­рес, market capitalization and developer activity. Besides, CoinGecko отслеживает вовлеченность сообщества, по­мо­гая ин­ве­сто­рам вы­брать наи­бо­лее пер­спек­тив­ные ак­ти­вы. More information is also available, на­при­мер, history of quotes and the complexity of mining.

With its unique hybrid intelligence system, Cindicator seeks to combine the benefits of human financial analysis and AI-powered analytical tools. Ис­поль­зуя оцен­ки, made by machines and people, Cindicator predicts further price movements with high accuracy. The Cindicator algorithm takes into account analysts' forecasts on a range of issues, from cryptocurrency quotes to global economic shifts. Based on this information, he formulates the most likely trends in the cryptocurrency market.. Investors no longer need to rely on a single analyst - Cindicator draws its insights from thousands of different sources.


Quotes, charts

Lists of all cryptocurrencies, altcoins. Courses, capitalization, charts

  • CoinMarketCap - quotes, charts, market capitalization, where currencies and altcoins are traded, output volume
  • Сryptocompare — list of currencies by capitalization, the cost, price changes
  • Coinhills — quotes of top cryptocurrencies, price change, as blocks
  • Cryptocoincharts - TOP-100 cryptocurrencies, TOP-1000, 1000+
  • BitGup - quotes, capitalization, output volume, price changes, filter by these indicators


  • Cointelegraph Bitcoin - price, schedule, opening price, closing, rates to major currencies BTC / USD / EUR, etc., quotes of major exchanges
  • Alpari — analysis of the BTC to USD chart
  • CoinHills - bitcoin price (BTC) to currencies, altcoin
  • Investing — Bitcoin prices on all top exchanges in the world, schedule, historical data
  • BitcoinWisdom - good charts of bitcoin quotes, lightcoin, altcoins


Russian sites

Foreign sites


Russian sites

  • Forklog – opinions on events in the world of cryptocurrencies, event analysis, expert opinion
  • Bitnovosti — analytics of events in the world of crypto, analysis of prices and quotes, technology, opinion about altcoins
  • С — analytical articles, opinions, overview of events and news in the world of cryptocurrencies
  • - Articles from Bitcoin Security analysts
  • Coinspot — analytical articles, opinions, expert advice
  • CoinDuck - expert opinion, market events, analysis

Foreign sites

  • Cointelegraph Regulation — news about the regulation of cryptocurrencies in the world, analytical articles
  • Cointelegraph SCAM — analytics and news about SCAM (fraud) in the world of crypt
  • Cryptoconsulting - articles about the state of the market, cryptocurrency analytics, altcoin, ICO, market regulation
  • - analytical articles on cryptocurrencies, altcoins, events, technical analysis
  • AltcoinAnalytics - social media analysis. networks, twitter, reddita, ICO — paid reports by period
  • CCN - Altcoin analytics

Telegram channels on cryptocurrencies

News feeds

Communities (chat rooms)

Signals, bots, information

  • ornamental STRIKE — information about ongoing ICOs
  • @CryptoChanBot - currency quotes

YouTube channels

  • Money games — channel about investing in crypto, money games, our friends
  • Trader Anatoly Radchenko — analytics from trader Anatoly Radchenko, helpful tips, information, interview
  • Cryptonet — Cryptonet community, useful video for those new to cryptocurrency
  • BitJournal — news and overview of the cryptocurrency market

Cryptocurrency conferences, blockchain, ICO

  • Forklog - events calendar
  • Cointelegraph — events by countries and cities of the world
  • Coinspot — ICO announcements, summits, conferences
  • Newscryptocoin - news, event announcements and reports

Wallets and storage systems

Online wallets



Hardware wallets

Exchange and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies

Anonymous exchange and withdrawal services

Reliable exchange services

Services and statistics


  • — block hash lookup, transactions or addresses
  • Webbtc — obtaining detailed information about each block
  • Block chair — block search and analysis
  • Cryptonator — cryptocurrency converter
  • Bitcoin Wiki — the largest collection of articles on bitcoin
  • Сryptocompare — wallet rating
  • Exante — investment fund in Bitcoin
  • Сryptoage — cryptocurrency distribution faucets


  • — currency and transactional statistics
  • Coinmarketcap — statistics on the turnover of cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Tradingview — chart statistics
  • Coin.Dance Stats - interest in technology, demographic data, community statistics, capitalization of all cryptocurrencies
  • Coingecko — cryptocurrency statistics by communities and social networks

ICO — initial coin placement

  • ICOdrops - analysis, ratings, ICO calendar and description
  • ICOstats - the results of the capitalization of past ICOs in dynamics
  • Digrate - ratings and express reviews

Hardware and mining

  • Cryptoru - mining news
  • Coinwarz - mining profitability calculator
  • WhatToMine Calc — cryptocurrency mining profitability calculator
  • BitMain — equipment for mining
  • Bitcoinpaw — equipment for mining
  • Nicehash — service of cloud mining of crypto-currencies, purchase and sale of capacities
  • Bitmakler - lists of pools for cryptocurrency mining

Forums and communities

  • forum — Russian-language forum about bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies
  • Bitalk - popular cryptocurrency forum
  • Bitcointalk is the largest international cryptocurrency community
  • WizSec blog — a blog of specialists in the security of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies
  • Cryptocurrency Mining Bitcoin Investment Business - popular community
  • Forklog - VK group of the popular community
  • Bitcoin Fund is a group of investors in cryptocurrencies
  • Ethereum / Ethereum - a popular group about the cryptocurrency Ethereum
  • Ethereum Ethereum blog - cryptocurrency community 2 generations
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