FCX : Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc

FCX : Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc

Sector: Basic Materials > Industry: Gold and Silver

Медь Freeport-McMoran & Gold Inc.. (FCX), through his wholly owned subsidiary, Phelps Dodge Corporation (Phelps trick) are copper, gold and molybdenum mining company. The Company's portfolio of holdings includes the Grasberg Mineral Region in Indonesia, which contains the only recoverable copper reserve and the only gold reserve of any deposit; significant production in North America and South America, and Tenke Fungurume working project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). On 31 December 2008, consolidated recoverable proved and probable reserves totaled 102.0 миллиарда фунтов меди, 40 миллионов унций золота, 2.48 миллиарда фунтов молибдена, 266.6 миллионов унций серебра и 0.7 миллиарда фунтов кобальта. Приблизительно 35 % its copper reserves were in Indonesia, approximately 31 % been to South America, approximately 28 % were in North America, and about six % были в Африке. Приблизительно 96 % his state gold reserves were in Indonesia, with its remaining gold reserve of the state, расположенным в Южной Америке. Molybdenum reserves are found primarily in North America (approximately 85 %), with its remaining reserves of molybdenum in South America.

FCX's mining earnings during the year ended 31 December 2008, include copper sales (approximately 76 %), molybdenum (approximately 14 %) и золото (about seven %). It has five operating copper mines in North America., four in South America and the Grasberg Mineral Region in Indonesia. It also has one operating primary molybdenum mine in North America.. During 2008 approximately 60 % of his copper production consolidator were from his Grasberg, Morenci и Cerro Verde шахты, и больше чем половина его добытой меди была продана в концентрате, approximately 27 % like a rod (predominantly from his actions of North America) и приблизительно 19 % like cathodes. During 2008 approximately 55 % his consolidating molybdenum production was from Henderson's molybdenum deposit, и приблизительно 45 % was produced as a by-product primarily in its North American copper mines. It also produces gold as a by-product in its copper mines., primarily in the Grasberg Mineral Region in Indonesia, which was approximately 90 % its consolidated gold production during 2008.

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FCX has five operating copper mines in North America: Morenci, Sierrita, Baghdad and Safford in Arizona, и Tyrone в Нью-Мексико. Besides, the New Mexico Twill mine was placed on care-and-maintenance status in December 2008. All these actions are wholly owned by, excluding Morenci, некорпоративного совместного предприятия, in which he owns 85% unallocated interest. In addition to copper Morenci, Sierrita and Baghdad mines produce molybdenum as a by-product. В Индонезии, PT Freeport Indonesia administers the Grasberg Mineral Area. It has joint venture agreements with public limited company Rio Tinto (Рио Тинто), international mining company, regarding part of her mining activities in Indonesia. This belongs 90.64 % PT Freeport Indonesia, and the Government of Indonesia owns the remaining interest in 9.36 %. Its Grasberg minerals district also produces significant quantities of gold and silver as by-products.. PT Freeport Indonesia also owned 25 % Melting PT, melting and refining company in Gresik, Indonesia. Это производит молибден в своем полностью находящемся в собственности месторождении молибдена Хендерсона в Колорадо. Additionally, it owns the Climax molybdenum deposit in Colorado. In addition to its operating mines, it has mines in development. В Индонезии, it develops her underground mines. In Africa, this supports effective interest in 57.75 % at Tenke Fungurume copper and cobalt concession at DRC.

Copper mines in North America

North American copper mines include open pit mining, концентрацию руды сульфида, leaching and SX / EW actions. Most copper, produced in the copper mines of North America, thrown into a copper rod by FCX Rod & Cleaning up actions. North America Copper Division includes Morenci and Sierrita as Publication Segments. Morenci quarry, расположенный в юго-восточной Аризоне, прежде всего производит медные катоды и медные концентраты. In addition to copper, the Morenci mine produces small amounts of molybdenum concentrates as a by-product. Карьер Sierrita, расположенный в Графстве Индейца племени пима, Аризона, прежде всего производит медные катоды, copper concentrates and copper sulphate. В дополнение к меди месторождение Sierrita производит концентрат молибдена как побочный продукт. Other mines include FCX's other operating southwestern American copper mines: Багдад, Safford и Tyrone. In addition to copper, the Baghdad mine produces molybdenum concentrate as a by-product. Other mines also include the United States FCX Southwest Copper Mines, who are in a care-and-service status, including Miami and Paper Twill.

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Copper mines in South America

FCX has four operating copper mines in South America - Cerro Verde in Peru, и Канделарии, Охос-дель-Саладо и эль Abra в Чили. These activities include open pit and underground mining, концентрацию руды сульфида, leaching and SX / EW actions. The South America Copper Mines Division includes Verda Cerro. Verda Cerro Open Pit Copper Mine, расположенный около Арекипы, Peru, производит медные катоды и медные концентраты. In addition to copper, the Verda Cerro mine produces molybdenum concentrate as a by-product. В первой четверти 2009 FCX announced plans to temporarily reduce the molybdenum cycle at Verde Cerro. Other mines include the Chilean FCX ​​copper mines - Candelaria, Охос-дель-Саладо и эль Abra, which include open pit and underground mining, концентрацию руды сульфида, leaching and SX / EW actions. In addition to copper, the mines of Candelaria and Ojos del Salado produce gold and silver as by-products.


Indonesia's mining industry includes PT Freeport Indonesia's Grasberg Minerals Region. PT Freeport Индонезия производит медные концентраты, которые содержат существенные количества золота и серебра.


African mining includes Tenke Fungurume copper and cobalt mining concessions in the Katanga DRC area. Construction is well advanced, and initial production is slated for the second half 2009. Initial project at Tenke Fungurume is based on mining and processing of ore reserves, bringing closer 119 million metric tons with medium ore grades of copper and cobalt on 0.35 % on 2.6 %.


Molybdenum segment – integrated molybdenum producer, with the mining industry, концентрацией руды сульфида, roasting and processing services, which produce high purity, основанные на молибдене химикаты, порошок металла молибдена и металлургические продукты, which are sold to customers all over the world, and includes Henderson's wholly owned molybdenum mine in Colorado and related conversion services. Henderson Underground Field Produces High Purity, chemical grade molybdenum concentrates, which are typically further processed into value-added molybdenum chemicals. This segment also includes a commercial company, which buys and sells molybdenum from the Henderson mine, as well as from the copper mines of North America and South America FCX, which produce molybdenum as a by-product.

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Прут & Очистка

Прут & Cleaning segment composed of copper conversion services, located in North America.

Атлантическое Медное Плавление & Очистка

Атлантическая Медь, wholly owned FCX smelting unit in Spain, smelts and refines copper concentrates, and the markets have cleared copper and precious metals in slime. PT Freeport Indonesia and South American copper mines generally sell some of their concentrate and cathode (South America) производство к Атлантической Меди.

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