Reading for the weekend) Practical.

Reading for the weekend) Practical.
How about risk management, and in technique.

For example, many people say to me, what, если некое accumulation of volume It was “давно”, then it is no longer relevant :)) Jetty, everyone was taken out))
From personal experience: then, what some accumulation can no longer be determined in other ways (I personally have them 3), but certainly not “by time”)

Read about reality:

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With 2005 I have been working in the brokerage business for a year. I started from the position of "account manager" in a small management company.
Several interesting stories have accumulated about our actions and clients and I would like to share them with you.

1) In the management company, where I worked, there were clients, who managed to earn on the "bull market" 2005-2007 "., думали, that growth will be eternal. You've probably already heard about the stories of how someone bought Gazprom in 2006 for 360r and since then it has been sitting. I'll tell you about real trash!!!

2) Second-tier securities fell tens of percent in 2008 and have not recovered since then. A whole crowd of investors are sitting with terrible losses 5 years. There is no end or end in sight.

3) I personally know several VTB employees (and already former fellow brokers), who bought VTB Shares at the IPO in 2007. One with a shoulder on the fall entered. Then it was averaged in 2008. I sold my car in the fall. By winter, he deposited every salary and bonus to a brokerage account, that there is no margin call. The entire annual prize was brought in. Now he is still in the red. His task is to pay off the margin and sit on his own. He calls the brokerage account "an insatiable troll".

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4) There is one broker guy, стаж работы 12 years. In 2008. he bought Sberbank for 50 rubles on the fall, then on the shoulder, then the whole cutlet was added to the third shoulder. I don't remember exactly now, но последняя покупка у него была в районе 25р. Далее он не смог финансировать позиции и наступил маржин колл. His duty was to forcibly close his own position. He lost 2 000 000p. These were all his savings.

5) An interesting example with taxes came out. Man in 2010. on account in 15 million. rubles earned 30%. The financial result was recorded. But after the sale of the securities, the money did not withdraw, and immediately bought shares. Most of the electric power industry. These papers flew down after buying it with terrible force.. Spring 2011. с него попросили денег на taxes, but he doesn't even know what to pay for. Says I'm sitting at a terrible loss,  balance my profit for 2010. and loss in 2011. They tell him - you can't. I had to sell papers with a huge elk and pay taxes. As a result, a good plus turned into a minus.

6) In 2011 Potanin and the company carried out the buyback of Norilsk Nickel shares at RUB 9,200, and on the stock exchange they were traded at 7200r. There was one important condition - they bought no more than 100 pieces. one person. This is what killed so many. There is one man, who bought through us, papers on 80 more than a million rubles, with. He was adamant that the stock would go up.. His opinion was based on the fact, that “Potanin buys because, what believes, which will be more expensive. " We convinced him to hedge with futures, dissuaded from taking on the shoulder, our gendir called him and asked him not to put everything in one basket. But the man was not pleading. In short, he lost almost everything.
Then there was a ransom in "Raspadskaya". They promised to redeem for 150r. stock, and they traded for 100 rubles. But, the reservation was, that no more will be redeemed 7% from all your volume, and this detail came to light in the middle of the whole procedure. Quite a few people fell for the ransom and got on all their shoulders, when there was a quick take-off to 120r. Then she was blown away again to 100r. remember, guy one on credit 13 million climbed. Слава богу, there was a second takeoff and he came out at 118r. Convinced him to jump out of the position with a small relative loss. Now she is 60r. and many are sitting ...

  Trend tracking index from WISDOM.

7) There is one man, tax lawyer by profession. Very high level. And he managed to do it at the beginning of 2011. get on all the shoulders. Feet, конечно же не ставил. Account with shoulders of about 25 million. rubles, smashed, about, on 20 positions. The margin is worth 18% annual. Now he sits and understands, that his account is melting from credit and even if it goes to zero on shares, then, taking into account the loan, he will lose a lot.
I know one very experienced trader, стажем работы 20 years. He went through fire and water. I got rich and quit working for my uncle. Traded from home very successfully. But in 2008. he contacted a woman. Fell head over heels in love and left for a while from Moscow. Left their positions unattended open on the fall. Then averaged over the shoulder. Then there was a margin call. He's bankrupt now. We met in 2009. and then he told his story. He lives now in a rented apartment and his, has nothing but a car.

8) My story.(author Volmik) In 2005., starting to work in the investment field and thinking, that stocks can only rise, I convinced my mom to withdraw money (400 000p) from bank deposit and buy shares. They rose and fell, dividends were paid, deals were made, built a good diversified portfolio. But in 2008. everything fell. Since then, the portfolio is in the red. I don't trade on the shoulder. And in front of mom is very ashamed.

9) One bank has a wonderful Chairman of the Board. Unique uncle. To him 70 годам. I saw it personally, how she roller skates with her grandchildren at VDNKh. Very funny, positive and energetic person. Of course, he trades on the stock exchange and loves to take risks.. IN 2008 he was up to the tonsils in RTS futures on a full shoulder. In the spring, the war began in Georgia and the promises of the GDP "to send a doctor to Mechel". The movement went down. Then Bear Stearns died and we began to persuade him to close positions. He rested. In the summer we closed 150 000pcs of contracts for the RTS index with a terrible elk. He was in decline and cursed us. He just suppressed all brokers with his charisma. But autumn showed that we were right. If you hadn't closed it then, then he would lose everything that he earned in his life. Once he came to us, and said that we are great and saved him in time. And happiness shone in his eyes.

  We were fucked, расходимся :)

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