Added to Coinbase, GALA Soared By 300%

Based on Ethereum и представляющий игровую сферу альткоин после добавления поддержки на известной криптовалютной бирже Coinbase показал практически безостановочный рост курса

Благодаря добавлению на Coinbase курс GALA взлетел на 300%

Coinbase first listed Gala (GALA) on the trading floor for professionals, and then on a platform focused on ordinary traders. Since the announcement of support for this asset, the GALA course has grown from $0,11 to an all-time high in $0,45, thus demonstrating an increase of 309%.

GALA is the founding cryptocurrency asset of the Gala Games ecosystem, designed to provide the functionality of a variety of games, providing participants with the opportunity to receive rewards and trade in-game items, presented in NFT form. The token was released only last September.

The project currently boasts the launch of the Townstar game, which is a competitive farming simulator based on existing NFT players. The game provides users with the opportunity to take part in various competitions, fight for the leadership in the weekly table and receive in-game rewards.

According to Gala Games, the ecosystem of the project managed to sell off the order 26 000 NFT, at the same time, the most expensive copy went for $3 million.

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