Tesla Stock, Alibaba and Facebook are the most popular among Russian investors

Акции Tesla, Alibaba и Facebook — самые популярные у российских инвесторов

St. Petersburg Stock Exchange summed up the results of trading in foreign shares in October. Here's how key operating numbers have changed since September:

  • volume of transactions - $ 31 billion (+15,3%);
  • number of client accounts - 16 million (+8,5%);
  • number of unique clients - 11 million (+8,9%);
  • number of active accounts - 845 thousand (+2,4%).

In October, investors traded shares and depositary receipts of 1,626 foreign companies. Here are the most popular ones.

Tesla. 21 October, the auto company reported record revenue and profit for the quarter. Revenue was $ 13.8 billion (+57%), net profit - $ 1.6 billion (+389%). The company has collected 238 thousand cars (+64%), and sold - 241 thousand (+73%).

25 October car rental company Hertz announced the purchase of 100,000 Tesla electric cars worth $ 4.2 billion. After that, Tesla shares rose by 13%, from 910 to 1025 $, and capitalization exceeded a trillion dollars. In total, in October, the company's shares rose by 56%, from 775 to 1208 $.

Already in November, the head of Tesla Elon Musk said, that Hertz hastened to announce: “The contract has not been signed yet. Tesla Demand Exceeds Supply, so we will supply our Hertz vehicles at the same price, as for ordinary customers ". Probably, the parties are still discussing the details and timing of the deal.

Alibaba. 4 October, Alibaba share price fell to 140 $ - the minimum for the last three years. Stocks started to fall a year ago, when the Chinese authorities called the company a monopoly. The government later issued a $ 2.8 billion fine to Alibaba. So during the year, the company's shares fell by about 50%.

In 2021, China intervened with other companies like DiDi, TAL and Tencent. All this negatively affected the shares., including Alibaba. So, index Nasdaq Golden Dragon China, which includes shares of Chinese companies traded on the US exchange, since the beginning of the year fell by 30%.

Beginning with 5 October, Alibaba securities began to rise. Became known, that Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett's partner, increased the share of the company's shares in its portfolio. And two weeks later, Alibaba introduced its own processor, which will be used in their cloud data centers. Alibaba shares rose by 12%, from 148 to 165 $.

  Time for tough measures (part 2)

Facebook. 4 October Facebook services, Instagram and WhatsApp Disconnected Due to Hardware Failures. A day earlier, a former employee of the company publicly accused the social network of unfair efforts to combat disinformation and incitement to hatred.. During the day, Facebook shares fell by 5%, to 326 $.

26 October, Facebook reported the growth of quarterly revenue by 35%. According to the company, new privacy policy in iOS 14 negatively impacts ad revenue. Revenue forecast for next quarter was below analysts' expectations, and Facebook shares fell by 5%, to 312 $.

At the end of the month, the company announced its name change from Facebook to Meta.. So she wants to emphasize her ambitions in the development of the "metaverse" - virtual space, where several people can communicate at the same time, work and play.

According to the head of the company Mark Zuckerberg, metaverse will work on virtual reality headsets, game consoles and smartphones: "I hope, if everything going to be good, in the next five years or so we will be considered not a social network., and the company is the developer of the metaverse".

During October, Facebook / Meta shares fell by about 5%, from 339 to 324 $.

Leaders by trading volume as a percentage of the total

Tesla 9,4%
Alibaba 3,8%
Facebook 3,7%
Modern 3,2%
Virgin Galactic 2,9%
Apple 2,3%
EQT 2,0%
Amazon 1,8%
Vipshop 1,7%
Nvidia 1,3%


Companies, occupying the largest share in investor portfolios, as a percentage of total money

Alibaba 5,7%
Apple 3,5%
Tesla 2,7%
Virgin Galactic 2,7%
Amazon 2,5%
Freedom Holdings 2,2%
Facebook 1,9%
Boeing 1,8%
Microsoft 1,8%
Vipshop 1,7%


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