trading on the NYSE & NASDAQ 2011-09-20 14:46:06

1. o spartekiade: the fresh autumn climate encourages a return to cross-jogging. last time skedaddle a lot and for a long time about a year 3 back.. and I liked running so much then, that eating any food, including a potato burger in a famous establishment, I managed to dry out to dryness. I still sometimes look through those pictures with horror.. at all Trading и бег очень совместимы, yes, trading and sports in general correlate (I won't get tired of repeating it). all in all, loading the rhythmic music of black guys from the ghetto into my ears, I snorted. judging by Yandex maps, measuring the distance, I saw through 7km in ~ 56min.. cool cho! and, well, such a trifle: 1kg of weights were tied to each leg… otherwise it's just funny for me to run so light.

2. about trading: the simplest system like the ruble accidentally hit my head, trend-based, what if the stack rushes before lunch on increased volumes, than on other days, then, most likely, after lunch, a large stock exchange participant will chase him further.. no tapering and glass-brading for you.. stupidly breakdown of that, what happened for lunch, if the cover is drawn under the close.. system test shows 4 days in a row plus, while taking the minimum risk for one trade, which does not prevent a good day from already paying for your trip to spain 8.. many entrances, open poses simultaneously up to 10 (was this friday).. but now I get into shares completely alien to me like AMZN, NFLX, PEP, PG and other majority corporations.. this system is well projected on trading reports, just which I completely did not understand before, but in fact, everything really turned out to be ultra-simple.. yes, maybe even now I don't understand anything about them, but the main idea is simple – there is an entrance, have a stop and come what may))) the most difficult thing now for yourself – do nothing at all until lunchtime…

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3. about the Moscow financial forum & quot; Moscow & quot;: last week was a kind of an innovative event for the financial world.. hotel & quot; sokolniki holiday inn" swarmed with foreign bankers, representatives of foundations, kitchens and other elements of type-setting furniture of the 80s.. where I was lucky enough to get, thanks to former prop-wall colleague. thinking `` why the chord is not joking '', wearing a red gas knock over a shirt from a distant disco era of the 70s and a business pinjack on top, fearing fierce morning traffic jams on the TTK I, waking up in 8 morning, which is abnormal for a nuse trader, went to the world, corporate-inspired. arrived minutes in advance 40 before the official start, Received your name and surname badge and proudly labeled JPMorgan (yes-yes, it is such a big name that I decided to cheat when registering on the forum website:), I proceeded to the dressing room to contemplate the passing representatives of the office world, mysterious to me.. was curious, however, I had absolutely no idea what to do here, so I just looked at the people and sadly re-read the program of events, which did not bode well for an ordinary trader.. Well, why do I need someone else's hypothesis about the value of gold or the trend of investing in wine, or to a wildlife protection fund?? all in all, everyone was loaded into the conference room, turned on the projector, the queens of the event climbed into the stands… and it began…. someone was sleeping, someone was picking at the laptop, someone pretended, Interestingly, someone tilted their apple phone, in order to drive the next ball into the next hole.. all in all, everyone was looking forward to a coffee break, it was read in the faces, and I was no exception.. No! ну конечно же, I sometimes barely managed to restrain myself from the impulse, so as not to jump out of the podium, don't push the chubby bespectacled Swiss off the stage, taking the microphone away from him and in a languid voice propose to the falling asleep audience `` ma bradas and systosis, naulet's current boat Jesus'… I really had no idea, what would I say on this deepest topic, but it would be fun… the audience only occasionally came to life, to profusely applaud the speaker who has completed his monologue. out of respect, not out of interest.. though, how can I know for everyone) and now the `` hour of the wolf '' strikes, everyone pours out together and begins to storm the jugs with coffee, trays of cookies and round tables, where in the cramped , yes, no offense, you can crumble a cookie on your tie, pinjack and other attributes of the hamster office world.. people communicate, get to know, exchange business cards.. now I understand what is the main motive in all this – informal communication above all, after all, it is here that you can find new business acquaintances.. during boring lectures from the stands, I, applying a share of creativity, added presentation to my badge: well, who the fuck needs to read there how to call me to dignify and how to call my modest office JeepiEm, where I supposedly come from.. I pull my badge out of the cellophane membrane, I flip it over with the clean side up and proudly draw NYSE / NASDAQ TRADER in bold handwritten letters.. having spandorized his new brand on the most prominent place of the penjak, I gracefully defile between round tables with a glass of coffee during a corresponding break (not break dance) and occasionally shove my left pectoral muscle into a meeting of different people, in order to non-verbally explain to the world, who I really am.. you will laugh, but later this creatiff did his job.. talking to people, fill pockets full of various, mostly useless to me, business cards and obviously fearing traffic jams, I went home to do my homework.. eventually, there are two more days of the forum ahead, total informal booze in a pub nearby in the evening and as a final – corporate dances in the Pacha club" on the final day of the forum.. further describe laziness in spicy details, on the second day in the morning there were even fewer people and I fell off without even waiting for a coffee break. the same evening in 21 everyone was welcome at an informal meal at the windsor pub, where pinjacks hung on the backs of chairs, untied ties dangled from shoulders, and where the most important business acquaintance awaited me, which may have, do not exclude, fateful character…
trading on the NYSE & NASDAQ 2011-09-20 14:46:06

  Results of fights

an overview of the event in a more journalistic language from a gnarled female human, who took our photo with Majorich from the site, when I found out on the phone, that I'm not from JPMorgan Bank…
trading on the NYSE & NASDAQ 2011-09-20 14:46:06

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