Tape trading

Today charts finally repaired and appeared to the beginning MOC, and in the afternoon I traded on the tape :)

Intraday :

In the beginning I decided to trade DJ stocks because you can see their charts in the metatrade, but an hour later I realized that nothing good would come of it and switched to ordinary shares.
Trading stocks without seeing their chart within the day is a little dumb, but you can. Used a schedule of days and a ribbon of prints. Having fought back in regular promotions and reduced the day to flat, I closed before MOC.


In the beginning I bought the flying up Ritz and finance, but unfortunately they turned around and closed from profit to minus. Then I only sold the Ritz, but went out on upticke. Selling the Ritz once again and having sat before the close, closed the previous minuses and closed the day in flat.


Unfortunately, April did not start with big pains as I wanted., and for this I need to work harder and stop stupid mistakes.

  Support and resistance levels (Pivot Points)
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