успешные трейдеры

10 tips for success and efficiency for a trader

1) Learn and improve your knowledge: Choose this way of learning, which suits you perfectly: Watch more videos? Write down thoughts, analyzing trade often? Take an active part in forums? Trade very carefully and learn from other traders? A good start would be to take part in a discussion on some forum and study the training material there.. Choose the best and, немедля, start learning. Be persistent and stick to your schedule. Familiarize yourself with the related software and learn how to use it effectively. Вы хотите быть уверенно зарабатывающим трейдером? Your time = money. Spending time honing strategy = investing in future profits. Strive to get the most out of this investment. Try different things, узнавайте, что как работает, and use them in trading accordingly.

Joe DiNapoli / Joe Di Napoli

Jo DiNapoli – professional trader, President of Coast Investment Software, Inc." Although its methods are applicable on all time scales and in all liquid markets, DiNapoli prefers intraday trading on the stock market indices most of all. He started trading them ever since, how the index S was introduced&P in 1982. Joe DiNapoli – professional trader and trading veteran with over 35 years of market experience. He is also an avid researcher, an internationally recognized lecturer and well-known author. His formal education is related to electrical engineering and economics. His informal education was in the "Bunker", the so-called trading place, fully equipped with electronics and communication equipment, where most of Joe's early research began. Trader Joe - this is how he signs letters and this is the name of his friends and students, who operate in a wide variety of countries and markets.

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