Bundle of investment news: taxes for investors and Bayer court cases, reports

Disclaimer: when we talk about, that something has grown, we mean a comparison with the same quarter a year earlier. Since all issuers are from the USA, then all results in dollars. References were used in the creation of the material, которые недоступны для пользователей из РФ. We hope, Do you know, what to do.

Uber IPO: 5 of things, what you need to know about the potentially largest IPO in recent years

Uber said, that after the IPO will be placed 1 676 959 021 stock, excluding items, including options, limited promotions and warrants. At the top of the expected IPO price range, the company can be valued in 83,85 billion dollars. Uber plans to list on the NYSE under the ticker "UBER". Uber Technologies Inc. approached its initial initial public offering on Friday, giving investors a first look at, how big a company's offer can be. Largest call-to-driver service in the United States updates its IPO prospectus, including the expected price range from 44 to 50 dollars per share, which means, what the company can attract up to 9 billion dollars at the high end of this range. This assessment suggests , what are uber prices at uber, IPO, probably , will be in the stadiums of other major offers , which have taken place in the US market in recent years.


Jack Ma creator and CEO of the Alibaba Group was born in 1964 year in the Chinese province of Zhejiang, Hangzhou city. As a teenager, he gave tours to all interested tourists for free, thereby improving your knowledge of English. After graduating from university in 1988 year, Ma became an English teacher. His knowledge was so high., that he opened his own translation agency and started working with American companies, doing business in China. IN 1995, he went to the United States as an interpreter, where he contacted his Chinese friend, who at that time lived in Seattle. There he saw for the first time in his life a personal computer with access to the Internet.. Fascinated by what he saw, Ma asked his friend to help him create a website for a translation agency., after which almost immediately began to receive emails with offers of cooperation.

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