Марк Дуглас. Торговля в зоне (Зональный трейдинг) — книга скачать Марк Дуглас. Торговля в зоне (Зональный трейдинг) - книга скачать 1

Mark Douglas. Trading in the zone (Zone Trading) — book download

REVIEW OF MARK DOUGLAS'S BOOK "ZONE TRADING" This book describes a comprehensive look at the difficulties, that a person encounters, who has accepted the challenge from financial markets. When there is an understanding of that, that it's not limited to broker tips, and the rationale for buying or selling is, virtually, extremely complex, giving unpredictable results. The book offers a serious psychological approach., which should contribute to the achievement of stable positive results of the trader's trading decisions. The author does not offer a ready-made trading system, but his interest lies in a completely different plane. — show, how to think in order, to become a consistently successful trader. The book is intended for a wide audience, independently entering any financial markets (stock, futures, currency and commodity).