What is OTC Pink Sheets and OTCBV OTC Market (off-board bulletin board)

OTC Pink Sheets OTC Market - Electronic Exchange, on which shares are sold and bought. There are no trading platforms in the OTC Pink Sheets market, all quotations are carried out in electronic form. Since there is no central platform (trading floor) like on the NYSE, companies traded on pink sheets (Pink Sheets) also do not have specific criteria, which would allow you to select reliable companies for trading. In this article, we will tell, what is Pink Sheets, what they hide the likely profits and risks. OTC Bulletin Board or OTCBB in the United States is a stock of companies not represented on the NASDAQ, NYSE or other national marketplaces. Over-the-counter (OTS) translated as over-the-counter. There are also various types of TUT: OTCQX, OTCQB and Pink Sheets. Deception and manipulation are common among OTCs. OTC shares are often unpredictable and regulated by the SEC, securities regulatory commission, national stocks and option trading platforms, and other securities markets in the United States. FINRA,private corporation acting as the self-regulating organization of the securities markets, which works and provides regulatory services of OTC. Almost all companies represented on OTC are in a pre-bankruptcy state. OTCQX OTCQX is the most prestigious level in OTC. To be in the OTCQX, companies must earn trust.