further about the competition

Wrote-wrote a long-long post about the competition… Stsuko, the light was cut off at the most crucial moment. As it turned out
the uninterruptible power supply does not hold nichrome already. Drove for new batteries, поменял. I'll try to repeat the feat.

well here, I was congratulated on successful registration.

Fuck I need it? I have heard more than once, that contests are evil. In parts, жопой чую, that there is some truth in this, but I can't explain. This competition is excellently enticing. The main thing is that it lasts only a day. The truth foolishly starts in 15:00 (by MSC) and continues until 15:00 next day, the height of the eurosession has already passed, and there is still a long way to open the states. Participate, I think there will be about a thousand people. The maximum program is of course the first place. Minimum - in the twenty. Otherwise - feil.

So here, these trading days should be exemplary. Actually, every day should be like this.

Finally I will try something, what have been thinking for a long time. Work terminal I will keep it only for making deals, well, look at how many lots you can open, to support the lack of free funds. I deliberately want not to look at profit, interest, Items, bucks and all that. Буду искать только точки входа\выхода. I will do the analysis of charts in another terminal. most of the time sticking into my drawings, not in position.

Despite the fact that, that I will go on all the hundredths of the shoulders, risk (stop loss) in the worst case will not exceed 4%. According to the plan 2-3%. It is approximately 5-7 points (Total!) In the worst case, the anti-profit will be 30-40%. In ludshem I will do 800%+ (: well, хотя-бы 100% i have to draw! (to get into the top twenty you need at least +200%)

You can only chop the maximum by catching the movement and squeezing it out to the fullest. (ИМХО). The main problem is distinguishing trend from noise.. In the noise, you must constantly turn back and forth, and not squeeze to the last.

Usually good engines come after a long time. Сегеодня, after an unsuccessful attempt to break through to the top (and the injection 50% phoebe) very active направились to the lower boundary of the channel. If we break through and touch from below, there is a chance for the continuation of the powerful movement., low updates etc. we can continue marking time.

Perhaps I will divide the depot into two parts. One to catch the movements and keep, another scalp. Xs damn…