T3Live : 20 rules for successful trading

1. Создайте торговый план и придерживайтесь его. You must have reasons for the transaction, stop loss and take profit prices even before, how your order will be executed. Discipline is key to success. 2. You must learn to quickly adapt to change.. If Your Selling Idea Doesn't Work, think about a purchase idea. Don't be stubborn. The market can change quickly and you must be ready to change with it. 3. Don't get too close to a specific deal. Если идеи не сработали и Вы потеряли деньги в акции, do not try to recoup a loss in the same promotion. And vice versa, if you made money in shares, не думайте, that this promotion will always give you money. Just trade, according to your trading plan. 4. Не пытайтесь поймать разворот lowи high. A trend is a friend and when you find it, follow it. Eliminate bias, the market does not hear you, he himself will make it clear, what will be his next step. 5. Потери — это

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