MET : MetLife

MetLife, Inc (MetLife), зарегистрирована в 1999 year, is a provider of insurance and other financial services with operations in the United States, and in the regions of Latin America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Through national and international subsidiaries and affiliates, she offers life insurance, пенсий, automobile and residential buildings, insurance, розничные банковские и другие финансовые услуги частным лицам, as well as collective insurance, reinsurance and retirement and savings products and services for corporations, as well as other institutions. MetLife operates in four segments: Институциональные, индивидуальное, international and auto & Home, as well as corporate & other. In May 2008 years MetLife Bank, NA, division of the company, completed acquisition of EverBank Reverse Mortgage LLC, from his parents, EverBank Финансовые Corp. EverBank Reverse Mortgage will be a subsidiary of MetLife Bank. In May 2009, the Company sold Cova Corp., which is the parent company of Texas Life Insurance Co., to a third party.