19-22 May 2009

As promised to myself, that only pluses will go further, that's what happened. 19 May closed in a symbolic plus, even traded all day, but nothing good came out, stay Overnight in STT 20 May covered Overnight STT and didn't trade again 21 May traded the first hour and closed with a plus. 22 May the terminal did not work, only watched the dead market. I hope to start posting trades with screenshots from Tuesday, I have a lot of them, but hands don't reach. Remind, что в понедельник (25 May) NYSE stock exchange does not work. Next week promises to be very dead, I will trade carefully.

Overnight STT (19-20 May 2009)

STT : State Street Corporation Sector: Financial > Industry: Investment Services Yesterday on STT there were sell imbelances about -2,5 million, but at the end they turned it over to buy + 800K. I waited for the last seconds and bought it counting on a good print under the closure, but the orders didn't work, and there was nowhere to go along the arch, there they immediately pushed it down by 50C. The next day there should be a rollback, after such a fall to close. And so it happened, plus good news on the financial sector came out and futures were trading in positive territory.

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