91% on swings !

Allocated a small amount for swing trading in the US stock market in August, I made a separate account for myself and connected the GT WebTrader web terminal I traded very carefully and with minimal risks, Of course, I made a lot of mistakes in that regard, that he did not implement several good ideas when closing positions as a day trader. On 24 September it turned out to be done 91% to the deposit with 10 overnight leverage or 9.1% without shoulder. In fact, he took the maximum 1 to 4 leverage for transferring positions and then once. Didn't trade penny stocks, but there were a lot of ETFs. There were not many deals compared to day trading, and was too selective in the selection of shares. While he says that the super system is early, I think more luck. Let's see what will happen next.  

Keep positions overnight — there are surprises.

A pleasant surprise in the morning. Got right to the point with the Rambus company (RMBS). Bought on friday, added yesterday at the opening sessions. average price 20.96 behind 3230 Shares. Today I learned the news in connection with which RMBS has already added more 16% на постмаркете.

South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung Electronics Co. agreed to pay $900 million. for five years, a computer memory chip developer at Rambus Inc. The agreement was concluded within the framework of the settlement of a litigation, writes Wall Street Journal.

According to this deal, which also includes the technological cooperation of the two companies, Samsung will prepay Rambus $200 million, plus quarterly deductions $25 million. в течение пяти лет. Besides, South Korean manufacturer agreed to buy new Rambus shares at $200 million.

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