Why the United States froze MtGox accounts?

Bitcoin scolded, laughed at her, they arrogantly tried not to notice her, but until now it all happened in private, so to speak. Officials have never intervened in the fate of the first cryptocurrency.. Last week this day has come. United States took the initiative, arresting the accounts of the American branch of the largest exchange office in the bitcoin space, MtGox. Call MtGox a Currency Exchange or Simple Exchanger, the essence is the same: this is a trading platform, visitors to which exchange bitcoins for dollars, euros, rubles and other currencies, and back at a free rate. Its popularity is so great, that almost two thirds of all daily transactions in the Bitcoin world are generated here, on MtGox. Founded in 2010 year and registered as a legal business in Japan (under the name Tibanne Ltd.), MtGox survived all sorts of things: there were break-ins, and technical difficulties, and stops for a "smoke break" due to excessive rate jumps, there were even legal claims from competing partners. But there has never been a problem with the authorities. And here it is. 17 мая стало

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