The influence of the psychological qualities of a trader on the efficiency of transactions

Based on research, conducted in the US and Canadian markets, foreign scientists have established a statistically significant correlation between the positive psychological qualities of a trader and the success of his professional activity., the key to success in the market is the presence of the following character traits of a potential investor: -lack of desire to subjugate the market and control it; -the ability to feel the individual "risk barrier" - that is. limit values ​​of the magnitude of risk, which the investor can assume, and limit values ​​of capital, which he can risk without fatal consequences; -the ability to act outside the zone of psychological comfort, ie. make deliberate and adequate decisions, even if the situation is not going well, as the investor initially assumed; -ability to take into account the selectivity of perception and memory; -the ability to recognize a state of stress and develop protective mechanisms against rash actions in such a state, distance yourself from personal emotions and experiences; -the investor has adequate self-esteem;