What is your risk tolerance?

Tolerance for risk – a popular theme in the investment community. The higher your tolerance for risk, the more risky investments you can afford, without transferring stress. There are many ways you can help determine risk tolerance. Usually assume that what is more, the better. However, my work has allowed me to select a group of traders who prefer the security. They relax at work and trade with the appropriate mental mood. This is neither good nor bad, it’s just trading style. Answer the following questions that evaluate your trading style. Determine how each of the 20 judgments suits you personally.

Easy come, easy gone

Although economists are guided behavioral approach, consider how a sense of regret, which is annoying from time to time by all traders, psychological studies show that some people are more inclined to feel that feeling, as compared to other people. All traders are experiencing grief after the wrong trading decision, which could have been avoided, but some players blamed themselves regardless of circumstances. Once such players will miss a large market movement or receive more “product”, they begin to analyze their actions and blame themselves that they have committed. They want to go back in time, to do everything differently, they can not stop, calculating what they did wrong.

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