NYSE Stock Market News, NASDAQ on 06.10.2016

● Yandex.Money has launched a money transfer service using iMessage technology, with which you can now transfer and receive funds from wallet to wallet. The international payment service WebMoney began to cooperate with the Viber messenger., who have opened an account with WebMoney have the opportunity to replenish their accounts in the paid Viber Out function for calls to devices, which do not have Viber installed or are offline.

The usual number of the shares to trade on the NYSE

That’s what I like the New York Stock Exchange, is a choice for any style of trading, so a small number of stocks that went up yesterday. Of course on top is difficult to analyze count every day, but eventually you get used to and it’s easy. Nearly 300 stocks selected, from the need to find 5.10 today And this is only technology, not counting today, and who report the news … ACS, ZMH, AME, BGC, ABX, MCK, FIS, AOC, MDP, SPW, STR, TMK, PXP, RCL, WCG, DTO, BDX, CL, OCR, AVY, IRM, WSH, DOES, BEC, SPXU, MFE, STJ, VXX, GVA, MCO, WMI, PH, ADP, ZMH, SMG, CMP, KB, WAS, BWA, BGZ, CTV, DGX, HSC, MCD, DO, FLS, BEN, CP, WHAT, CVD, AEM, FAS, AMG, LPS, NBL, FMC, FCX, VTR, FCL, EME, BHP, HEY, PPG, AVP, MOS, OII, ANR, SNE, LAZ, BBL, HES, AFL, MBT, HBC, ITG, COL, LNC, WLL, …

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MET : MetLife

MetLife, Inc (MetLife), зарегистрирована в 1999 year, is a provider of insurance and other financial services with operations in the United States, and in the regions of Latin America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Through national and international subsidiaries and affiliates, she offers life insurance, пенсий, automobile and residential buildings, insurance, розничные банковские и другие финансовые услуги частным лицам, as well as collective insurance, reinsurance and retirement and savings products and services for corporations, as well as other institutions. MetLife operates in four segments: Институциональные, индивидуальное, international and auto & Home, as well as corporate & other. In May 2008 years MetLife Bank, NA, division of the company, completed acquisition of EverBank Reverse Mortgage LLC, from his parents, EverBank Финансовые Corp. EverBank Reverse Mortgage will be a subsidiary of MetLife Bank. In May 2009, the Company sold Cova Corp., which is the parent company of Texas Life Insurance Co., to a third party.

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