Humility – the key to success

Five years ago I wrote a book titled “A successful trader. The mental state necessary for success in the market. ” When we were talking about dedication, I decided to dedicate the book “Traders who do not want fame.” During my work I had come across many traders, who were unsuccessful because of an inferiority complex. They feel worthless losers, inferior human beings and were not sure of their life purposes. For them, trading is a way to prove to myself that they were anything but standing in life. They feel that the more money are, the more they are significant as an individual. But it is actually not. Traders who are looking for wealth and fame as a rule will fail. The winners are humble traders. In today’s competitive world, many captures the idea of victory in a zero-sum game: it may be only one winner, if you do not it, you loser. The winner receives a prey, is not it?