Leo Selya

Webinar Leo Selya (SMB Capital)

5 June in 12:30 NOW (20:00 MSC) GT Capital Group invites everyone, who is interested in the American stock market, visit the webinar of the famous American trader Leo Selya. Leo Selya - Senior Trader at SMB Capital New York. Specialization - stock trading and algorithmic trading. Leo is also Director of SMB Training Programs and Russian-speaking User Support. Graduated with honors from Vanderbilt University (one of the best universities in the USA) по специальности Экономика иФинансы. Recently appeared on CNN Money as a day trading expert. During the webinar, Leo will tell about himself, own trade, of SMB Capital, its services and training programs. Participation in the webinar is free, you need to pre-register, by sending an application to e-mail [email protected] In the application, indicate your full name. See you on the broadcast!

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