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Haven't blogged for a long time, the time has come to make the modern look of the Disqus comments. I hope everyone will be comfortable. Old comment entries will be returned within 24 hours. I'm waiting for more wishes :)

Technical damage

 The market has to prove, that technical damage to an uptrend is temporary. Nevertheless, the last push to 1300 accompanied by RSI divergence( red arrow).
For one I show the operation of one ES system in the form of input and output on the chart ( not finished yet, but shows good results).

Gold target

After some calculations, we get a theoretical target for gold in the raion 1340-1350.But goals do not always reach theoretical, and sometimes overshoot, but nevertheless the level zone is exactly there.

To break or not to break, that is the question!

 Obviously, that most market participants understand where the front line between bulls and bears is. This is what different markets are looking at..
SPX video 1131 is that line , the transition of which bears can surrender under the pressure of `` horns and hooves ''. Lately, the news feed is full of optimism. , what cheers the bulls. А они, по видимому, decided to embellish the end of the block and `` put some money into circulation ''. Somewhere a thought is already distantly thrown , that corporate reports may be acceptable, although we understand, what about the fall in GDP, but there can be good sequential growth.
Хочу также подчеркнуть, that falling GDP and rising oil are incompatible, draw your own conclusions.
The technical momentum while behind the bulls,  therefore it is not clear , will they want to go to the red zone, While we even lower MA200 slightly above MA200

They did not expect!!!!

The market reacted to the bullish for better, than consensus unemployment data ... bonds sharply down and stocks sharply up.
Shorts get nervous in promotions, besides, a long weekend.
ES can find resistance from 1100 to 1125, but the main, what can change the sentiment of market participants.

It's hard to believe your prediction

It seems that it fits, what I wrote about in hidden posts for friends, on the other hand, it is difficult to see positive catalysts, especially , that important economic indicators are coming out and also a very important indicator like the GDP revision on Friday.
So try to position yourself correctly here. Одно говорит – “покупай”, другое говорит- “don't spit against the wind”.

Where does the money come from??!

 Some wonder where the money comes from , to move the stock market up. I answer, that a large amount of money migrated to reliable assets such as bonds(bonds). So sometimes you have to look, when Taleb's recommendation(шутка) станет работать. Nevertheless, 10 summer US bonds are in the overbought zone, and yield is oversold. From a technical point of view., on 10 In the summer yield, an inverted GUI was formed, what can lead to a technical rebound, which in turn will be positive for the stock market and the risk of appetite, since some of the money will move to commodes and other assets, at least, в краткосрочке.
FED program to reduce mortgage rates partially implemented. Many people know, that the mortgage interest depends on 10 summer bonds and therefore we see a record low mortgage interest. Usually it is 200bp above 10 year yield.

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