buyback — Как и зачем компании покупают собственные акции Buyback - Как и зачем компании покупают собственные акции 1

Buyback — How and why companies buy their own shares

Buyback — How companies buy back shares Buyback - the buyback of shares by the issuer from their owners. Buyback is widespread all over the world and is popular with large issuers. We find out, why companies do it and how it can help to invest correctly, saving capital from possible losses. Buyback may be of interest to a shareholder for several reasons:   Shares are usually bought back at a price, above market; Often increases financial performance in relation to share capital; Buyouts affect share prices, increasing market demand; Buyback is a consequence of the position in the industry and in the company; Share buybacks change the structure of a company's assets;