Зачем владелец Нью-Йоркской биржи ( nyse ) предложил купить ebay за $30 млрд Зачем владелец Нью-Йоркской биржи ( NYSE ) предложил купить eBay за $30 млрд 1

Why is the owner of the New York Stock Exchange ( NYSE ) offered to buy eBay for $30 billion

Exchange operator Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) NYSE owner made a takeover bid for eBay, сообщила The Wall Street Journal со ссылкой на нескольких человек, familiar with the situation. According to them, internet marketplace can be estimated at more than $30 billion. Before this information emerged on Tuesday night, eBay had a market cap of about $28 billion. At the end of trading, the stock jumped by 8,8%, increasing it to $30,4 billion. ICE shares fell by 7,45%, capitalization fell to $51,6 billion.