Day trading for 2 Martha

The first part of the day was traded correctly, and in the second half he began to create complete delirium. With 12 :00 to 14:30 no need to enter the market at all, especially if the market is not active. Most likely you will make a lot of volume and lose money.. Stocks with little potential should not be entered, even if the risks are small, не стоит из-за этого увеличивать позицию Пока в акции не появилась какое нибудь направление, not worth entering. BID : Sotheby’s Было больше шансов на откат вверх с переходом во флет, than a clear downward movement. CAH : Cardinal Health

The usual number of the shares to trade on the NYSE

That’s what I like the New York Stock Exchange, is a choice for any style of trading, so a small number of stocks that went up yesterday. Of course on top is difficult to analyze count every day, but eventually you get used to and it’s easy. Nearly 300 stocks selected, from the need to find 5.10 today And this is only technology, not counting today, and who report the news … ACS, ZMH, AME, BGC, ABX, MCK, FIS, AOC, MDP, SPW, STR, TMK, PXP, RCL, WCG, DTO, BDX, CL, OCR, AVY, IRM, WSH, DOES, BEC, SPXU, MFE, STJ, VXX, GVA, MCO, WMI, PH, ADP, ZMH, SMG, CMP, KB, WAS, BWA, BGZ, CTV, DGX, HSC, MCD, DO, FLS, BEN, CP, WHAT, CVD, AEM, FAS, AMG, LPS, NBL, FMC, FCX, VTR, FCL, EME, BHP, HEY, PPG, AVP, MOS, OII, ANR, SNE, LAZ, BBL, HES, AFL, MBT, HBC, ITG, COL, LNC, WLL, …

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