Victor Niederhoffer / Victor Niederhoffer

In April 2006 of the year Victor Niederhoffer (Victor Niederhoffer) appeared at an evening at New York's St. Regis, where about 300 America's leading fund managers. Walking under the gilded candelabra in a lavender blazer, he felt, that again rose to the top of success. 1980-90s. Victor Niederhoffer has built a huge fortune and a reputation as one of the most prominent hedge fund managers in the United States.. But he was ruined by an excessive love of risk.: before the Asian financial crisis, he played for the rise in Thai stocks, and during the crisis - to increase the Standard index&Poor’s 500, using uncovered options on the index. When the markets crashed, Victor Niederhoffer lost everything overnight - a $ 130 million fund and almost all of his own savings. It seemed, life dealt him a crushing blow, however, he managed to overcome the path up the second time. Speaking to financiers, honoring him in St. Regis, Niederhoffer stressed, how highly he appreciates the “difficult and courageous” decision to reward him after, how it crashed once.