federal open market committee

Government Regulatory Authorities in the United States

Protecting and maintaining the integrity of the market is achieved by government agencies and the joint efforts of four key groups (SEC, NASD, SIPC and FOMC), which together form then, what's in the stock market – regulating pyramid. Nobody regulates themselves so rigidly and thoroughly, like the stock market. Strict standards and requirements for professional bidders, an extensive system of regulatory services of the US authorities – all these are measures of control over the activities of participants.

Federal Reserve System – briefly about the fed

The US Federal Reserve System was created at the beginning of the 20th century. IN 1913 G. the United States passed the Federal Reserve Act. The purpose of the law was defined as follows: "Creation of banks of the Federal Reserve, ensuring a stable monetary system, receipt of rediscount funds, Building Better Supervision of Banking in the United States ". For this purpose, the Federal Reserve System was created. […]

FED – Federal Reserve System

Federal Reserve System (FED, The federal reserve) (English. Federal Reserve System) - Specially created in 1913 year by the Federal Reserve Act (English. Federal Reserve Act) system, which collectively serves as the central bank of the United States of America. The state plays a significant role in the management of the FRS, although the form of ownership of capital is private - joint-stock with a special status of shares.

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