How to develop willpower

One of the most important things about GTD is willpower.. Without it, you will not bring things to completion., any system you choose will not work. The first bout of laziness will not allow you to look at the to-do list.. GTD, todo list, kanban board is all tools. We read a lot about them., learning to use them, even programming. Only the most important tool, who is always with us, это сила воли.До не давнего времени я не понимал, how willpower works, didn't know, at what point in time will my composure leave me. One book changed it. I recommend every IT specialist to read it., especially for freelancers. We, usually, weak external control, so you only have to rely on the internal. That is why it is so important to set it up.. Why I recommend this particular book as a guide under the cut. Book title and links at the end of the article

How the attitude to trading determines the results of trading

Most traders focus on developing strategies for making money.. I do the same. There is no other way. Nevertheless, your attitude to trading is often the "missing link", the presence of which can lead to better results. To get a sustainable source of income, you should focus on the psychological part as well, as on trade figures. For those, who didn't trade much, it may seem a little strange. How Psychology Can Affect Tough and Cold Trading Numbers? After trading for several years, you will find, that everything is not so simple here, how it might seem at first glance, just the opposite. If you cannot follow the rules of your strategy, you just don't have a strategy. My results from the end 2011 years to summer 2012 the years were mediocre, to say the least. I conducted a deep analysis of my trading and came to the conclusion, that my attitude to trade was pulling me back. My trading strategies weren't bad, I …

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Нарушение дисциплины, force of habit

When the Russians proved, that you can go into outer space. NASA began to train its astronauts. The main problem of being in zero gravity is to understand, where is the top, where through. Then each applicant got glasses, which they had to wear 24h. These glasses changed the image in reverse.. Began to observe, how the power of habit works. Претенденты носили очки от 21 to 25 days. And all of them had their brains adapted and flipped the picture., не задумываясь. They saw, for example, inverted glass, and the brain, flipped it back, и всё было нормально. Complicated the experiment and decided after 14 days take off glasses for a day. Total for 1 day, and then put on inverted glasses again. It would seem that, one day difference, this day will push addiction to 1 day, well maybe on 2. Not, added again 21-25. I.E.. 1 день пропуска формирования привычки всё обнулял полностью и приходилось начинать сначала. This is how our brain works and it is useless to fight it. From 21 days at least.

Not a jeweler

After a couple of days I still understood, that short feet are not mine. Раньше особо не напрягался насчет стопов, though 5 центов или 14 Cents, and when he began to try to go everywhere at the ideal price and with minimal risk they began to distribute them too often. Из-за этого хорошие сделки закрывались. The most important thing – this is a good stop, even if the price has slipped and there is no need to try to reduce the risk every time where it is not possible. Back to normal trading with stops 5-15 Cents, but I increase the minimum potential in stocks to 60-70 Cents. We need to improve the selection of shares, look more for stocks with good potential, close to levels and a clear trend. My main emphasis is on technical analysis., but now I will read the news more attentively and study the companies.

Notes on 19 november

Strict discipline pays off: Deals are smarter and more selective. Number decreased, but there was quality performance. Feet are smaller and less frequent. The main task now is to continue in the same spirit and the result will not be long in coming. I plan to increase the number of winning trades to 40-45%, Right away 30-35%. Increase risk / profit 1 to 5-8. P.S. In the coming days, we plan to reduce the cost of the trading platform and the fee for dedicated servers for those wishing to open an account on NYSE through us .

The beginning of tough discipline

Finally, I recovered, you can return to trading. Now I want to tighten my discipline and start trading only according to my trading strategy. Here are some small rules : In the first hour I do not trade and at lunchtime Only according to the trading plan Risk profit 1 to 5 Stop 5-10 cents Potential not less 50 cents Only familiar patterns Only trends Smooth stocks Adequate

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