2015.09.30 PVH — PVH Corp

In the last days of the month, a lot of stocks are moving well, most of course are short movements, but after the fall there were interesting securities to buy. PVH — PVH Corp (5 minute)  

22.09.2015 ADBE Shares — Adobe Systems Incorporated

We continue to write interesting deals on past trades. I don't particularly like to trade on Tuesday, I try not to do it practically. Today we will discuss the ADBE promotion — Adobe Systems Incorporated. Below will be screenshots 1 And 15 minutes. The plan was simple, see retention 84 and buying with a view to about 84,90. Fortunately, ADBE immediately found a good buyer when approaching 84 and a frequent rollback in a couple of candles to 83.90 where the buyer reconnected. Retention 84 it was a little excruciating, but this stock very rarely moves smoothly and was expected, that you will have to incubate until the end of the day. Further upward movement was very smooth surprisingly, sorry a little to the goal the action did not reach about 84,60-70 began to hesitate and a sharp rollback could have occurred. I had to tighten my stop. Not a bad deal for a Tuesday.

RKT — Rock-Tenn Co за 16 December

I love these deals. Small risk and big profit, without unnecessary body movements. Schedule 5 my RKT — Rock-Tenn Co Chart 1 my RKT — Rock-Tenn Co

What to read for beginners?

So, to tell, for the little ones)) A good tutorial from UT on the classic tech. analysis of topics, wants to try NYSE stocks. UT-daytrading.pdf What-

interactive brokers — cfd на американские акции. Interactive Brokers — CFD на американские акции. 18

Interactive Brokers - CFDs on US stocks.

From this day on, InteractiveBrokers provides the opportunity to trade CFDs on US stocks, mostly, these are stocks from the SP-500 and NASDAQ-100 indices….

Deal in Hess Corporation 12 november 2012

A little about the Hess Corporation deal. The stock approached its level for 23 november, but the weakness of the market did not allow her to pass it in anticipation of Foms, the market stood and there was no movement. The hidden buyer stopped moving higher trying to stay near the price 51,90-51,93. After such a strong growth, not typical for, it is possible to develop it as on the previous day. Stop a couple of cents, potential 40 and more. It seems like nothing complicated :)  

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