The rules for trade in the first month on the NYSE

Begin trading on the stock exchange is very difficult and your primary task is not to lose money. I decided to present a couple of simple but effective rules for trade in the first month on the NYSE. The size of the position: 100 shares (not more) Limit losses for the day: $ 20-25 The risk in the transaction: 10C maximum risk in the transaction Number of positions: 1 position

24 April 2009

All hands don't reach, describe my trades, no time at work, and the laptop is still under repair. Since the morning, the market has been flying up, and in the beginning I tried to catch reversals in stocks, bye a couple of times I caught a moose, don't calm down, after that I bought on the market upwards and Intraday was right: EMN: Eastman Chemical Company Sector: Basic Materials > Industry: Chemicals – Plastics and Rubber Sold approx. 38, but the market didn't let her go down HES : Hess Corp. Sector: Energy > Industry: Oil and Gas – Integrated Такая же ошибка, trying to short in a booming market is stupid.

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