Day trading for 3 november

During this day, there was only one trade that could bring a good profit.. News came out on BNI : Warren Buffett – Berkshire Hathaway Inc. buys 77,4% shares of the railway company Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp. (BNI) by price $100 per share, reported in a Berkshire press release. The remaining stake in the company is already owned by Berkshire. In this way, сделка оценивается в $44 billion, including BNI debt of $10 billion, and is Berkshire's largest acquisition in its history.

Daytrading – November 3

During the day there was only one deal that could bring a good profit. ON BNI left news: Warren Buffett – Berkshire Hathaway Inc. buys 77.4% stake in railroad company Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp. (BNI) at $ 100 per share, reported in the press release, Berkshire. The remaining stake in the company already owned by Berkshire. Thus, the transaction is valued at $ 44 billion, including debt of BNI in the amount of $ 10 billion, and is for Berkshire’s largest acquisition in its history.

The market review for September, 8st

Equity futures are pointing solidly higher this morning, trading up 1% after the long weekend. This morning’s strength is a continuation of the bid seen on Friday, which followed mixed employment data, and comes on the heels of two days of gains in overseas markets. Asia and European markets traded up yesterday while U.S. markets were closed, and continued higher in today’s trading. In Europe, Cadbury rose 38% yesterday after rejecting Kraft Food’s $16.7 billion bid. Today, strength in commodities related stocks led gains, with gold rising to six month highs above the closely-watched $1000 mark and oil back near the $70 level ahead of tomorrow’s OPEC meeting, which is expected to leave oil supplies unchanged. While Europe posted more moderate gains today, Asia picked up further with China stocks rising ~2% after the official China Securities Journal reported that nine securities mutual funds, tracking China’s stock indices, are being

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BNI : Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation

Burlington North Corporation Santa Fe (BNSF), included 16 December 1994, is a holding company. Company, through its branches, is engaged primarily in the freight business of railroad transportation. BNSF Railroad Company (BNSF railway) is the main operating branch of the Company. BNSF railway operates various services and equipment, to support his transportation system, including its infrastructure and locomotives and freight cars. It also owns or leases other equipment, to support rail operations, including containers, chassis and vehicles. Support services for rail operations include yards and terminals throughout its rail network, locomotive system stores, to perform locomotive maintenance and service, centralized Network Operations Center for train dispatch and network operations control and management in Fort Worth, Техасе, regional parcel centers, Computers, telecommunication equipment, signal systems and other support systems.

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