Search pride and fear of regret

Since last month, Jason holds a position on DELL. He was in profit, and profit forecasts irningov promise, in particular, because of entering new markets. On the other hand, the economic indicators look bleak. Business news full of stories about cuts in companies that can easily put up for sale new computers at low prices. Jason was in a quandary. He is proud of its decision to buy a DELL, and hopes to make a bargain, but the questions «I trade on the news?» I listen to the media and ignore other more important economic indicators? I should immediately sell or even hold a long position? » disquieted. He wants to make a profit, but on the other hand, he did not want to be winning the game had become unprofitable. It is one thing — an incorrect assumption about the opening position, and quite another — to allow profitnoy

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Reflection. Analysis or soul-searching?

Steve just made a losing bargain. Although he has lost only 2%, he can not stop thinking about it: «What have I done wrong?» How could I have prevented the loss? «What have I missed? What does this loss mean for me as a trader? What happens next? I can manage?» Steve They reflect. He can not let go of it. He always gets stuck with the loss, many times to scroll it in his head. Reflections on past loss of not only reinforce the bad mood, but, as shown by a recent study by Dr Andrew Ward (Andrew Ward), They reflect the type of less satisfied, less confident and less able to adhere to the scheduled course.

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