Something added to the AIG stock :(

And who knows what this garbage came to me in addition to AIG shares — some AIGWS

Yes, and the other broker also had some AIG shares — there are generally warrants and even similar to options :(

What to do with them now????????

Day trading for 1 December

DCP : DynCorp International Inc Sector: Transportation > Industry: Misc. Transportation AIG : American International Group Sector: Financial > Industry: Insurance (Prop. and Casualty) Good buy, но в опасном месте. I went out a little early. GDX : Market Vectors Gold Miners (ETF)

American International Group (NYSE: AIG, TYO: AIGT.T)

American International Group, Inc. (AIG) (NYSE: AIG, TYO: AIGT.T) - the largest American insurance company. Headquarters - New York. Founded in 1919 by Cornelius Vander Starr in Shanghai (China). Subsequently, the company's operations spread throughout the world.. IN 1969 year the company went public. Head of the company - Edward Liddy. AIG is a leading international insurance organization, based in the USA, and one of the largest commercial and industrial insurance underwriters in America. Companies, its constituent, provide various types of insurance in about 130 countries (including in Russia). Based on the results of activities 1999 of the year AIG ranked # 1 in net profit among all US-based organizations, specializing in insurance and financial services, And 17 – e place among all American public corporations. According to the leading international rating agencies “Moody’s” And “Standard & Poor’s”, AIG's strong financial position is reflected in its highest credit rating (AAA)

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