Crypto trader outlined the near future of 4 popular altcoins

Crypto trader Altcoin Sherpa outlines the near future of 4 popular altcoins amid growing markets

Криптотрейдер обрисовал ближайшее будущее 4-х популярных альткоинов

In his opinion, if a Litecoin will break the nearest resistance level, then growth by 25%:

“If LTC manages to clear the area around $290, then soon I expect a rise in the region of $ 350 ".

According to the trader's chart, he considers $369, but for this you still need to stay higher $290.

A decentralized network of oracles also has good prospects Chainlink (LINK). According to the trader's chart, potentially LINK can break through resistance, which previously could not be pierced three times. The next LINK course level after $34 is $42 (that is, growth by about 23%):

"Things may turn out differently for LINK this time around.".

Another asset, watched over trader, decentralized exchange governance token dYdX (DYDX). He thinks, that the hype around DYDX is less than usual, which means that the asset can show unexpected growth:

“DYDX is still a good project. When people do not pay attention to the asset and it continues the accumulation stage, then it's time to buy. The token is not suitable for active trading, but just to buy and hold for several weeks ".

And the network closes the list Kusama (KSM). Although the trader thinks, that in the near future KSM will yield to BTC, but amid the rally of the top coin, the asset may reach new record highs:

“I expect growth from KSM, but I don't think, that its profitability will be higher than BTC. But in a pair against USD, KSM has a good chance of reaching an all-time high, provided that BTC's uptrend continues. ".

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