How to increase your motivation to learn in trading

When it comes to improving your trading, many of us suffer from insufficient motivation. Extrinsic motivation in the form of money, certainly, will work, but only for a while. В данной статье мы рассмотрим как развить постоянный источник внутренней мотивации, which will help you to better approach the study of trading.

Reasons for lack of motivation

Many traders believe, that they lack motivation to work effectively on trade. There are two reasons for this., which can be easily addressed with a strategic approach.

First the reason for low motivation is the lack of quick results of your work, namely, arrived. To measure your progress , large sample size required, and with it, the information does not have to be as reliable as possible. The problem is solved by communicating with other players on the forums or in chats. With them you can discuss strategy and exchange shares.. In this way, you will communicate with people, who will be able to objectively assess the level of your skill, what will help you keep this level, until you see the results of your work in monetary terms.

Second low motivation is due to lack of interest in learning trading. И опять же, boredom is the result of a lack of progress. When you first started learning stock market, there was a lot of interesting material. Once the knowledge gained is enough, market research starts to seem boring, as the feeling appears, that you are repeating the same thing over and over. The path to progress lies deeper. You must look for new ideas, rediscover the market, what will stimulate you to grow further. И опять же, one of the solutions to this problem is to analyze the strategy in a company of like-minded people.

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Quality vs. Quantity

There are many areas to work with in trading, from which you can make a whole list. Having such a list and understanding at a basic level, what each area includes, help you learn, but only to some extent.

If you want to get better, ваше education должно быть более качественным, not quantitative. This brings us to the main question in the study of trading.: "How much deeper can I dig?»

Анализ сделок

Analysis of transactions can take different time, depending on, how deep do you take it. Чем глубже вы анализируете совершенные сделки, the more food you give your brain in the form of detailed information about, how to trade in different situations. Want to trade better news ? Then choose 5 акций которые лучше всего сходили вчера и детально разберите их. Each of them will take you 20 minutes, then you only need 1,5 hours, to make out everything. After that, you can share the results of the analysis with other traders and look at their comments.. It will only help your understanding..

How much better will you trade, if you spend five hours on a detailed analysis of shares, falling under one criterion? Probably, Little. А теперь представьте, if you analyze a stock according to many criteria. You will have new ideas, which will motivate you even more and not let you get bored. And a few hours of training will fly by, like a couple of minutes.

Motivational circle

Смысл заключается в том, to create a vicious circle between motivation and evaluation of your work. Studying and discussing new ideas with other traders will push you to explore even more and deeper., while supplying you with motivation and social pressure to continue learning.

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