В общем я подумали решил
take more accounts in management)))

All the same, “количества” also has its advantages. According to my calculations, this should lead to smoother equity and lower risks.

I will explain how.
Right now I have 30 000$. This 1 NQ contract without shoulders approx…  Normally, the profit is already felt at 5-6 contracts.. but this is already a bit too much.. for the first entry into the deal.

What will happen, if i take more 1 account in 30 000$? 
I will trade in 3 contract on each account.. (ie. 6 on both) and my profit will not change from this.. BUT I will reduce the risks on each of the accounts for my investors! Whatever equity is not so volatile.

What will happen that I will take the third account in 30 000$?
I will be able to trade already 2 lots on each account… Shoulder just 1:2.. Ie. very safe, and my personal profit will be from 6 contracts :)))))

It turns out, that the more bills – so my personal profit increases (or at least does not fall),
and the risk of each of my investors decreases :)

Graaal !) Everyone is happy, everyone's interests are met)

You ask, sacher for you 3 счета по 30 000$, if you can take from one account in 100 000$ and don't fuck mosgi.

There are several downsides to this..

  • Firstly, with an increase in the size of the deposit (at the expense of the investor's money) – my% remuneration decreases. Ie. at 30-50 thousand dollars no one minds 50\50, but when it comes to 100 000$, here they usually require at least 60\40 or even more ..
  • Secondly, drawdown. Let's imagine that I'm not driving 3, let's say 10 accounts. So if each of them has a drawdown by 2000 Doll, then there is nothing wrong with that… Well fucking it's just 2000 Doll… or 6% from the depot. But what will I say to one person, who will have 20 000$?)! The numbers are * published…

So thoughts like this…
Я просто хочу, what would be on my accounts there were no big risks, at the same time I want to feel real impact.. And when there are no big risks – this contributes to stable trading.. And this, in turn, contributes to an increase in profitable trades and an increase in the total profit..

So that, if anyone has a desire to cooperate – write))

Suddenly who is not in the subject. In western terminals, all managed accounts can be added to 1 пул и покупать\продавать на всех счетах 1 click in 1 стакане. Therefore, there are no inconveniences..

I should have already, and so with the second(старым) start working, but still nothing 4000$ I can't withdraw from the first account) Who reads LJ, тот понял.


[info]d_trader: Alexey, in case of a drawdown, the 50x50 rule is valid?

[info]my_tradeNot :)

But I can offer you something in return..
For example, if from 30 000 USD stop loss is 5000 Doll, then after I made a profit in 5000 Doll – it becomes stop loss. Ie. the investor moves the stop to breakeven for himself…
these collateral 5000 dollars cannot be withdrawn or divided until the termination of cooperation.

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