Трансляция сделок Day Trading на NYSE, NASDAQ — live show

Трансляция Сделок Day Trading На Nyse, Nasdaq - Live Show

  Трансляций сделок на фондовой бирже сша в реальном времени. Все сделки происходят на реальных счетах внутри дня на рынках NYSE, NASDAQ. — трансляция live Расписание: будни 20:45 по МСК времени Записи | Чат в телеграмм | Обучение

Social network of traders — real time news

Gift for September 1st! Save your money with the project !!! You still pay $ 40 — $ 120 each month for all-only access to the news? Think carefully! «WARNING: The» big traders «entered into an agreement to receive news on the stock market data. From now every trader Project (registered user on this site at can watch FREEnewsletter that comes directly from the New York Stock Exchange in the mode of real-time without delay in time. Now you can simply open a trading session in front of this page in the archive and did not update it (my experts have already done for you automatically update all the news). Everything is done for your convenience! Use with pleasure! «

How many a pro divorced

I remember when just starting their trade, I really did not have enough information because bloggers in Russian about the NYSE was not and I started a blog. Over the past few years the situation has improved at first glance, there is someone to read and watch workshops, but this unit, the rest is garbage. Some even try to write a video with the transactions and describe them fun to watch as they hide the size of the position as sell a small amount to no more than 1000 shares. Might show:) Most who started for some reason after a year to consider themselves professionals and are trying to sell their courses, but what he can train a person if not fully understand how to trade and knows only the basics. There are certainly a couple of people from whom you can learn, they are in the business for many …

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Results of last week 30.11 — 04.12

Week to close to zero. Because of non-compliance with its discipline. All the money earned on the lost fishing trend reversals in stocks and averaged them. We must stop trading in shares of reversals If you trade with the opening there is passion and focus is lost in the transactions and the proper evaluation, I want to quickly catch everywhere It is necessary to bring a positive number of deals up to 40%, now it is 30% Continue to trade selecting stocks with the greatest potential for success We transfer to a stop without a loss in price delta 15 C if possible If there is reason to cover a 50% position in the delta of the price of 50 cents The size of the position remains the same No averaging and increasing the position ticker symbol for target corporation why realist arent pessismist trading morning open day trading top …

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Money elephant

I saw part of advertising with money from the elephant notes and decided to do this yourself. Found 2 options. The first heavy, the second is easier.

The rules for trade in the first month on the NYSE

Begin trading on the stock exchange is very difficult and your primary task is not to lose money. I decided to present a couple of simple but effective rules for trade in the first month on the NYSE. The size of the position: 100 shares (not more) Limit losses for the day: $ 20-25 The risk in the transaction: 10C maximum risk in the transaction Number of positions: 1 position

Soon to open site

Greetings, I am glad to see you on the site devoted to trade on NYSE. It is the English version of my site which I lead for Russian traders. While there is an adjustment and preparation of a material for the publication. Be signed on mine RSS what to be the first visitors of a site for an English-speaking audience. There will be a lot of an interesting material about that as I trade on NYSE and I do money. For now look video about that as it is necessary to trade and gain money: texaco bankruptcy ny stock exchange trades phosphate fertilizer production plant +usa t preferred stock symbol ford motor warrants william gann office 123

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