The rules for trade in the first month on the NYSE

Begin trading on the stock exchange is very difficult and your primary task is not to lose money. I decided to present a couple of simple but effective rules for trade in the first month on the NYSE.

  • The size of the position:
    100 shares (not more)
  • Limit losses for the day:
    $ 20-25
  • The risk in the transaction:
    10C maximum risk in the transaction
  • Number of positions:
    1 position
  • STOP :         >10C
  • Shares:
    Average daily volume in shares from 500 000 to 5 000 000
    Price: $ 15-50
    We sell only the trends
    Only stocks with a smooth motion
    Candles in the action shall not exceed 15-20C
    DJ components are not touching
    Shares included in the Commodities (commodities) do not bother — Oil, coal, silver, etc.
    Average daily movement of shares not less than $ 1
  • Time for NY:
    10:30 am — 12: 00 and C 14: 00 to 15: 40
  • If 3 days in minus not sell
  • If 3 deals in the rest minus 30 minutes

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