Streaming Day Trading trades on the NYSE, NASDAQ — live show

Live streaming of transactions on the us stock exchange. All transactions take place on live accounts within the day on the NYSE markets, NASDAQ. — broadcast live Schedule: Weekdays 20:45 MSK time Recording | Telegram chat | Training

How many a pro divorced

I remember when just starting their trade, I really did not have enough information because bloggers in Russian about the NYSE was not and I started a blog. Over the past few years the situation has improved at first glance, there is someone to read and watch workshops, but this …

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We sell as a sniper

Monday I have a little their trade. I will sell as a sniper, just point and can read and write transactions with minimal risk. Test table of positions of increasing the Pyramid is not possible until the necessary moral recover and get a plus.

Money elephant

I saw part of advertising with money from the elephant notes and decided to do this yourself. Found 2 options. The first heavy, the second is easier.

Easy come, easy gone

Although economists are guided behavioral approach, consider how a sense of regret, which is annoying from time to time by all traders, psychological studies show that some people are more inclined to feel that feeling, as compared to other people. All traders are experiencing grief after the wrong trading decision, …

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Daytrading for August 3

MET : MetLife A shadow, and the deal broke :cry: FCX : Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. A lot of shadows and bad input cost me money, stupid deal. Risks are not in my favor.

Soon to open site

Greetings, I am glad to see you on the site devoted to trade on NYSE. It is the English version of my site which I lead for Russian traders. While there is an adjustment and preparation of a material for the publication. Be signed on mine RSS what to be …

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