swing position

Timothy Sykes sold WLOCD

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350% stock EEE

For those who forgot, I started trading SWING position and they do not give a bad profit. For the week of his $ 5.500, but now is not about that. The most profitable shares in% calculus is Evergreen Energy Inc: EEE on it I do 350% of the purchase price. …

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SWING position on January 4

Yesterday once again scored a lot of cheap stocks and STI, EMN, JBL, ACI films based on sharemarket thinkorswim eyefinity triathlon ts surgical technique trade symbols nyse market rss cynthia case

New Year fiasco

All my positions are left for the new year, on December 30 were closed when I was not to my great disappointment, because the auto closure on daily risks forgot to remove from my account. As a result, all covered without me, and not according to plan. SPY is trading …

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SWING позиции 21 декабря

Мои позиции немного подросли и дали мне около 400 долларов. Пока по открытым позициям я около +700$. Купил еще 100 акций AXL . Вот PG что то не отрабатывает мою идею. Рассчитывал что он откроется с гэпом вверх и полетит, но он откатил и практически закрылся в нуле.

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