New Year fiasco

All my positions are left for the new year, on December 30 were closed when I was not to my great disappointment, because the auto closure on daily risks forgot to remove from my account. As a result, all covered without me, and not according to plan. SPY is trading at 200 cents higher than me and covered the other stocks, too, did not leave much up in the end I did not get $ 1500-2500. Stupid technical error. Cheer up there will be no need to move on … george soros technical how is trading done in nyse nasdaq simulator Arca dwy broker at nyse films based on sharemarket

Victor Niederhoffer

In April 2006 Niderhoffer Victor (Victor Niederhoffer) appeared on the evening in a New York hotel St. Regis, which brought together some 300 leading fund managers of America. Passing under the gilded chandeliers in a blazer the color of lavender, he felt that once again raised at the summit of success. In 1980-90-ies. Victor Niderhoffer created for himself a vast fortune and a reputation as one of the most prominent hedge fund managers in the United States. But his undoing excessive love of risk: before the Asian financial crisis, he played in improving Thai shares, and during the crisis — on the rise in the index Standard & Poor’s 500, using the naked option on the index. When the markets collapsed, Victor Niderhoffer overnight, lost everything — $ 130 millionth Fund and almost all of their own savings. It seemed that life has dealt him a crushing blow, but he …

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