Трансляция сделок Day Trading на NYSE, NASDAQ — live show

Трансляций сделок на фондовой бирже сша в реальном времени. Все сделки происходят на реальных счетах внутри дня на рынках NYSE, NASDAQ. — трансляция live Расписание: будни 20:45 по МСК времени Записи | Чат в телеграмм | Обучение

On the threshold of great change

Maybe it’s my personal opinion, but I think that times are changing. Nobody can say for sure because it or not. The media give us a picture of the world, which is not accurate. Journalists say and write about the presidential primaries, the real estate market and the recent mergers of banks associated with the crisis in the mortgage lending sector, but the economy has been undergoing a significant transformation. Prediction of long-term trends — not my hobby — but it would be wise to prepare for some big changes. Perhaps it’s time to think independently and creatively. If you can come to this idea, you get a huge profit.

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