How to control the situation on the market?

The need to control – an important psychological aspect of profitable trading. Traders are trying to control the market, but in the end, realize that they must accept their fate and do not establish control over the market, but over the emotions. When your money is at stake, it is difficult to remain calm, rational, and fully control myself. You want to win, so you have a strong desire that the price was in line with your projections, but in the end of the deal almost never be sure. Human nature to desire to fully control their own destiny, but it is impossible. Instead, the trader must accept the fact that the market will go wherever he goes, and try to control their impulses and emotions, instead of playing against the impulse market with feelings of anger and frustration.

Many traders have a strong desire for independence. They are used for events to unfold as they want. Strong sense of independence allows them to engage in such non-traditional business, as work on the currency market, but it often prevents them from maintaining discipline. They want to control events, not be under control. They may fall into a state of frustration, if the situation will develop against them, such as changes in interest rates, weak economic news and so on. There are many factors that traders can not control. You can not simply dominate the market and make the market go in the direction in which you want to. Instead, you have to know where the market is going to go, do not succumb to frustration and to act responsibly.

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How to maintain discipline and self-control? First, you must take things as they are. Shopping chaotic and unpredictable, so to think that you can control them, is simply meaningless. If you are trying to control events, you can succumb to anger and frustration. When you overcomes evil, you are acting on impulses and make decisions about which may regret in the future. Second, develop a detailed trading plans, which is easy to follow. If you are trading on a detailed trading plan, you lade structure on unstructured reality, this structure will give you a sense of control. You can reduce the degree of uncertainty, and to feel control over events, if clearly defined profit target, the level of input and output level. The more you strukturiruete reality is, the stronger will be the feeling. You’ll know what to do in a given case, and you will have a sense of control to which you aspire.

It is understandable that people want to gain control over a situation where his money is at stake. However, it can be done only one way. A successful trader is trying to get the most control over the situation, managing risk and keeping in the presence of a detailed trading plan. But while he was aware that the markets are no 100% certainty, and that all he can do is change the fact that he can change and accept what can not be changed.
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