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Applications that must be set each kriptotreyder

In an extremely volatile world cryptocurrency should always keep an eye on and monitor the events industry. Since we are often forced to make decisions on the go, it is important to have all trade and investment tools at your fingertips. Here is a list of the best apps, благодаря которым инвестировать в криптовалюту станет проще простого. На волне популярности криптовалют сеть наводнило огромное количество приложений для работы с новым финансовым инструментом прямо с экрана гаджетов.



Trading terminal thinkorswim (TOS) closed graphics (chart) for Demikhov

With 1 Aug Trading terminal thinkorswim (TOS) closed graphics (chart) for Demikhov in real time. At the moment all the charts for them are displayed with a delay in 20 minutes.

In the official response to access real quotes, they ask to open a real account. This unexpected news caused many traders to seek an alternative from the free terminal. At the moment I can advise to test A good free alternative to thinkorswim (TOS).

If you have better options, leave in the comments.




Program for linking terminals

Many traders use different trading platforms and graphs and would like to link them together, because. they are not always linkouts amongst themselves. For example, you are not satisfied with graphics in Takion and you want to use Thinkorswim, but these programs are not linked and you can't see the tickers simultaneously in both. For this there are special programs-linkers (then just linkers), platform which connect among themselves in a certain way. First of all let's define the terms, we will use.



Terminal for signals Autochartist

Autochartist this is a new development programmers, also created for the implementation of convenient and efficient trading. Its feature is that, the program automatically identifies chart trends, the start and the end, channels and figure technical analysis. Determines the degree of quality shapes the entry and exit of trades and able to advertise the appearance of such a sound signal, that gives you the opportunity not to sit near the monitor.

Using this program you can choice market. It FOREX, INDEX, NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX. And each of them Autochartist can notify the trader in advance about the possibilities, which have greater potential. To select all the required data, you just need to go to settings and select the desired tool and the desired interval.



Multicharts trading platform – description (download)

MultiCharts – the most innovative Forex trading platform, aimed at advanced users. It appeared on the market comparable not so long ago, but has already managed to capture fame in the Trac environment, thanks to its own advanced functionality. Our database MultiCharts is the idea to give the person such a working tool, which would be convenient for him. The main emphasis is on customization – if the trader understands, he wants to get from the trading platform, in MultiCharts he will be able to implement it, using powerful system of options. Depending on the purpose of trading this flexibility allows you to use the program as a for intraday trading, and for long term investment.

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