Возобновление торгов на NASDAQ уже скоро

Nasdaq уже около часа закрыт по техническим причинам, обещают открыть в 15:10 по США

NASDAQ OMX PHLX, NOM, and BX System Update: Equity Trading in NASDAQ Listed Securities is resuming at approximately 15:10 ET . At 15:20 ET PHLX, NOM, and BX will purge all SQF quotes, after this time Market Makers may begin sending quotes. PHLX will resume trading in ALL option classes at 15:25 ET . Trading on NOM and BX Options will resume at 15:30 ET. Normal intraday $5 wide quoting requirements will be in place for all options markets. возобновиться

Источник: https://www.nasdaqtrader.com/Trader.aspx?id=MarketSystemStatus&cid=topnav

NASDAQ intends to re-open trading in all Tape C securities with a 15-minute quote only period. All stale quotes have been cleared from the UTP SIP at this time and halts have been disseminated with a reason code of T6. NASDAQ will first re-open trading in symbols ZVZZT and AAIT with a 15-minute quoting period beginning at 14:30, with trading beginning at approximately 14:45. All other securities will then be released at 14:55 with a 15-minute quote only period with trading resuming at approximately 15:10. NASDAQ will not be cancelling open orders on the book prior to a re-open. Customers who wish to cancel their orders may do so and any customer who wishes to not participate in the re-opening should cancel their orders prior to the resumption of trading.

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